Anyone with a full bar?

This came across in the LA Times today and I though I would pass it along. I know for a fact that just about any bar tender gives a better pour to regulars, attractive women, and good tippers. … s-are.html

Oooh oooh an opportunity to blab about my favorite thing! OK, I made all my money that I used to buy my first restaurant ( Hannah Bananas ) from bartending for almost 30 years. Most of that time I spent on the road at resort towns all over the country, West Palm, Panama City, Lake Tahoe, Vegas, Mt Hood and Stowe Vermont. I was tought by the most old school bartenders I have ever met, and I have met thousands on both sides of the bar. I was tought that bartending was a responsible position, I respected it all my life, in a way it’s like legal drug dealing if you really want to get down to brass tacks.
Now, that being said on to the pouring side of it. Everything depends on the guest in my eyes, and if you treat your guests well, they will reward you on many standards. The first item is giving drinks away or heavy pouring, it has always been my observation that guests will tip well to someone like this but they will not tip as much as they are capable of because they don’t respect that bartender. It may not be appearent, but subconciously they know they are 1, stealing from the place they work, two, over pouring their drinks that they might not enjoy in the first place. Most social drinkers like the fact that their rum and cokes dont taste a lot like alchohol thats why they drink them. If the drinks are too strong they won’t enjoy them as much and they are more likely to get headaches and hangovers. To properly work your whales ( good tippers ) you must first gain their trust by making great tasting properly made drinks. Once that has been accomplished then you can shpeel them on “well I have a couple of comp drinks that I am allowed to use for my VIP guests”, that gives you clout and even more respect because now you have elevated your guest to VIP status. Many resorts and Indy bars I worked at never would allow us to buy drinks unless we paid for them out of our tip jars. So, this is were your skill comes in especially with frozen drinks and rocks drinks. There are many ways to “pack ice” under pour, or even add no alchohol at all to drinks to make up for “free” pours. I can go on and on about the proccess and so on, but I think the underlying theme her is this. People who overpour or intentionally get people drunk for the purpose of self gain have absolutely no respect for their positions and should A: lose their jobs and B: be charged criminally. I have seen too many bartenders trash thier guests to at least .26 or higher and wave goodbye to them for the last time as they go off and crash their cars. The honor of the industry has been flushed down the toilet with more drugs and corporate store opening all over the place, promoting servers to a position they know nothing about. Unfortunately it takes lawsuits, fights, firings and even death till someone learns the lessons of being a true bartender.
In the 16 years I spent on the road I averaged over 100k a year in tips and never had to account for a DUI or any matter that resulted from people drinking at my bars.

OK, I’m stepping off my soap box, dam that was fun, thanks for the opporunity. If you’re ever in the Poconos PA, look us up, I’ll take you out to some of the best bars ever!

You made over 100k a year in tips bar tending? Why in the hell did you get into pizza?

My concept is geared towards a more mainstream menu ie Applebees and Fridays, I just happen to serve pizza on my menu and joined this board, tons of awsome information. My business plan is for multiple locations most of which I already own the property for. Have an awsome day!