Anyone with a TECO N3 phase converter having issues?

I have been working on getting the 3 phase converter to work with the hobart mixer and its been a chore, just wanted to let people that have tried this and failed due to the way hobart mixers are wired that it is possible to use an electric phase converter from 1 phase to 3 phase on a hobart mixer h600-t

Some of you may wonder what the F i am talking about and anyone that has tried this and failed maybe very interested to know that i can work with a TECO N3-203-CS 3 phase drive box.

So if anyone knows what im talking about and needs help just PM me. It took me 3 hours of conference calls with The TECO tech and Hobart Tech guy today but now it works just perfect and i would be more than happy to help anyone else out there with this issue

It does require some re-wiring of the hobart control box and some other things but its straight forward


You cannot use a phase converter with a soft start box, this needs to be removed and a safety switch installed instead.

well i rewired it and got it to work