Anyone with a wood burning oven?

Very curious. I can imagine these things are a lot of work to manage but with great benefits of a very unique crust :smiley:

My advice is to get an oven that is primarily gas fired but which will allow you to put a few logs in the fire for appearance and flavor. I’ve worked with the Woodstone ovens of this type with very good success. A 100% wood fired oven will make you feed it 24/7/365. Think of it like this, on Christmas day, you will most likely be closed, but instead of sleeping in late, you will need to go to the shop to feed the oven. You can’t allow it to cool down as it will take too long to come back up to temperature again. Also, you may need special ducting, there might even be an ordinance against wood burning ovens in your state or location. If that’s the case, opt for the gas fired version.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor