Anyones numbers down this past week or so?

Just wondering if I was alone in this past week or so of numbers being down a tad?I’m in Phila. area so it just may be peeps are all hitting the seashore.
Niccademo [keep your dough off da cieling]

We’ve had an ‘off’ week or so ourselves. I got sort of worried, and then realized July tends to drop off a little for our area anyway. It’s not like we are going belly up, but we do see lighter business the last week+.

ive been off since i started :smiley:

july has always been the worst month of the summer for me…

For us a mid week holiday really takes the edge off the business. With the 4th on a Wed this year we did not get the big visitor weekend that normally comes with the holiday. July is the best Summer month for us, but not even close to the winter months.

So yes, last week was slower than we would nornally see but only by a small single digit percentage. It looks like we are tracking to a +4-6% for the whole month though.

July is a down month here as well. It was the only month last year we did not see growth. The days are a little off setting as well. Our lunch, which is basically 100% business, is way down but our nights have picked up. While the busiest nights are not as busy, the slower days are up a bit.

its really out of whack this month,and last month,my total revs have not changed much,but the days monies are all over the map…

and I thought it was just this hotter than heck weather out here.

I’ve been hearing from all sorts of businesses all over vegas that they’re down.

It makes you feel slightly better that you’re not messing up, but it doesn’t help pay the bills. :frowning:

We went from being on such a high from the flyer drops to crashing to two of our worse days in months. Oh yeah, the A/C died again :?