app. day??

doing my customer appr. day 2morrow how many doughs or pies do u guys think Ill need?

Depends…what does your market look like (how many customers in your database, how many houses within a five mile radius, what are normal sales like)? What kind of promoting did you do? Door hangers, direct mail, word of mouth, ads? And how many did you send out?

My spreadsheet calculation indicates that you will need somewhere between 10 and 1000 pizzas for your customer appreciation day. :slight_smile:

24" pies - 10
16" pies - 84
15" pies - 12.5
12" pies - 4
10" pies - 132
7" pies - 20

calzones - 8
panzarotti - 6

Your mileage may vary . . . long live Giambi!

(more info will give us more material to speculate with. We like to speculate from thin air, but it usually isn’t very meaningful :smiley: )

You guys are great , LOLOLOL Stupid meee!!!
OK I gave out 500 flyers and put on front page of our local paper which gets mailed to 9000 homes ,Im figuring about 100 pies.

you will need more than 100. Have a guy with some sort of sign holding out side on your intersaction… and see people flock to your door.

What is your cus app pricing, please tell us.


$5.99 Lg pie {18"} reg. $11.50

I would estimate 50% to 100% increase over normal sales. If you are over prepard, yu are ready for the next day :slight_smile:

Had my app. day today & I think i should do it everyday !!!Thanx 2 j-rock and every1 else

Next time you have one, don’t wait until the day before to ask questions. You should have your marketing plan in place two weeks in advance and your operational/prep plan set a week before.

Ours is coming up on the 31st of May. We are a major sponsor of a radio station giving away a Harley Davidson and we’ll be having a radio remote that day. Thirty commercials to promote the event(5x a day starting 5 days before remote) and 12 live promotional mentions(4x a day starting 3 days before remote).
Doorhangers, boxtoppers, banners, road signs and we’ll be mentioning it as we do our business visits as well. “Stop by Thursday and pick up dinner”

Large 14" Pepperoni $4.99

Also the radio station is allowing us to sell slices and drinks at the give-a-way in June. Last year they had over 2,500 people attend. They had a bbq place there that got mobbed, so we’re looking forward to that. I’ll have questions and will be looking for suggestions on how to handle that soon !

Give it up. How’d it go, and we want details. How many pies . . . gross sales . . . the works.

We ussually do about 1 1/2 time the normal volume.

Tom R

OK we sold 80 pies which is a little more than double what I usually do, but I also sell hot food which was great because every1 that came who never came in be4 (which was about 3/4 of new customers) were upsold on the hot food items that didnt know we had.I made 1300.00 which is double for a reg. saturday for me. With no xtra labor cost my mom , and sister stopped by an wound up working 4- 6 hours lololol(free labor there). Im sore though because Im the pizza man so im tired & sore, but well worth it.The only difference that I did was put a sign outside in the street w/ balloons Lg. pie $5.99. I still had people coming after we closed so I gave them a raincheck to use the coupon whenver they want, which made them even happier than the person who got theres .I would do that every week to get that many new customers.
OK fellaz where do I go from here what is the next big promotion deal!!! :lol:
Let me know because I am very new at this thanx again…

up23, If you have people coming in after close you NEED TO STAY OPEN ! So you give them a raincheck… they’re still hungry… so they find a place that is still open and they like the pizza… your ‘raincheck’ is lost and because they got pizza at your competitor they’re more likely to go back.
If you had stayed open… you explain that your closing time is __ o’clock BUT you’re willing to stay and make them a pizza. First, you’ve now put your product in their hands and kept them away from your competition. Second, they now feel indebted to you for doing them a ‘favor’ and will most likely see them again. If you wanted to get crazy and really show those people how much they mean to you, you could have additionally given them that 5.99 coupon for next time.
By doing that you would have created a relationship and a customer for life. When you told them “NO WE ARE CLOSED. I DON’T WANT YOUR BUSINESS RIGHT NOW, COME BACK LATER”, you let a great opportunity pass you by.
You’ve got to commit to fulfilling the needs of your customers. Serve every person that comes in there. Even if the come in before you open, while you’re open and even after you close(safely of course).

The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing. Don’t forget that.

I would have but it was already 2 hours after close and I just couldnt do no more we had to cater a party the night before that had me up allnight cooking and getting ready 4 yesterday.I know what your sayin my mind said do it my body said theyll be back 4 that LG $5.99 pie

80 pies, huh? 200% increase over a normal Saturday? $1,300 in sales vs. $650?




NO , U DA MAN! What should I do now? You know my wife brang up a good point to me. Alot of people went away so I really didnt maximize my potential of new customers but we have my 1 year anniversary next month. I think well do it again in June. Anyway thanx again whats next ?

be careful running these things too often as you will build up a perception of running these specials on a regular basis and will get customers who will defer ordering whilst they wait for you to run it again.

What’s next is you implement your marketing grind . . . get your name and phone number out in front of people on a regular basis. Doorhangers, flyers, boxtoppers, cooperatvie advertising with other businesses. You got their attention, so now you go about keeping it.

If you do another special for your anniversary, I’d suggest a different one. Maybe a bundle deal for a party/celebration. Have a giveaway/drawing where everyone who orders gets a name in a hat or something . . . have the fill out an entry form to gather name/address/phone/email and us ethat for the drawing. Anything that gets them remembering you . . . and doesn’t create the perception you are cheapo pizza or “Monte Hall” is a good thing.

Herein lies the value of a marketing PLAN rather than a couple ideas . . . you get a map of where you are going, how much you will spend on it and how to get there.

Two of my favorite quotes that fit into this subject:

[b]Business goes where business is invited.

What gets measured, gets done.[/b]