Application of Laws

Sorry, but it’s been a long time since I had social studies…

Which laws are applied first: federal, state or local?

IE: If the laws in my state allow me to do something, can my local municipality outlaw that same thing?

It has been a long time for me as well! The Feds rule supreme if I remember right. I also think that the local municipality can can outlaw something legal in your state. I think that is how they wind up with dry counties and such. I just am not sure though so you should check with a lawyer, what law are you questioning?

The state has no problem with my coupons on any door in any city, or county in TX. The city I live in has a $200.00 fine for each one found. The State has no problem with smokeing in public places, however, our city passed a no smokeing ordinance. Get caught pay a BIG fine.

That’s because if there isn’t a Federal law, it is left to the States. If there isn’t a State law, it is left to the municipalities. This is specifically stated in the Constitution.

However, if there is a Federal law it always trumps state law, and State law always trumps Municipal.

Since there’s no Federal law that bans coupons on doors, it is left to the State. And since there’s no state law…

The Federal government can only regulate Interstate Commerce or Constitutional issues.