Apprenticeship question

I am new to this board and to the pizza biz in general. Although I do not have any experience, I do have a dream of opening a small pizza shop at some point in the future. I am not a kid, so getting into the business would be a mid-life career change for me.
I have learned so much by reading things on this board an other pizza websites/books, but I know that no amount of reading can replace hands on experience.
My question is this: How likely is it that a pizza shop owner would take someone on as an apprentice that would work in exchange for knowledge?
I know how competitive this industry is, and how guarded some owners are of their recipes and methods, but it is not so much recipes that are needed as experience in the day to day activities in the biz.
My ideal place would be an old school, hands on NY pizzeria that creates their pizza without such machinery as sheeters and rounders.
Any input or advice would be greatly appreciated.

I apologize if this post looks familiar, as I also posted this question to a forum on another site.

I honestly think you might be better off getting a job… not sure though.

I think owners may be weary they’re going to train someone who is going to leave soon; and you might as well get paid while you learn.

Where do you live?

I would have to agree with PJ. I recently got into the “hands-on” pizza making and LOVE it. I would hire someone to work for me before I offered someone an apprenticeship.

I agree with the others…it would more than likely be better to get a job and move along the ranks there vs. an apprenticeship.

Most people want apprentices that will stay with them, and in a business like pizza, I find it doubtable that anyone would want to show a potential competitor everything that they know.

Also, by working up the ranks, you’ll see every aspect of the job, and can learn so much more than an apprentice would, I would think.

Thanks for the advice everyone. I have received some great guidance.
I certainly respect your opinions.
I will try to find a working situation to gain experience. :smiley: