Approximate Magnet Prices

I am looking at magnets and am getting prices in the area of about 60 cents a piece in qty of 1000 (2500 for 50 cents). I had expected these to be cheaper, just checking to see if this is the going rate. Thanks.

what kind of magnets? I got some business card magnets from pioneer color for about $300 for 2500 of them. I also got 5000 from magpac for $550

ive done these
before and got a good response to it since they get a free pizza once the customer brings 8 back and you can hand them out again.

Check with Royster he has some good deals.

I would reccomend Magnetic Express at 1-866-270-3400 or[/url]. I can order 10K for under 7 cents each. [url=] also has good prices, but no 4 color printing. I do use them sometimes for 2 color magnets and magnet mailers.

magpac does 4 color printing.

I’m pretty sure that magpac doesn’t offer 4 color printing on their business card magnets. It’s not shown on their website in either samples or pricing. I do believe I’ve asked them and got a negative response. They do offer it on their magnet postcards though.
1000 = .19
2500 = .12/ea

nice templates to choose from


Check these out. I’ve tried several sources, but these are my favorite. … 9454D6.cfm?