Got all my uniforms in.
All looks fine but the aprons look great for a thin 16 year old girl.
Seriously- I’m 215 and they barely fit- forget the bigger guys.
Uniform shop said that was all they had- but I know there are other options… have to be.

Uniform shop? Ask a laundry service.

(Hint on doing business with ALSCO: Never sign an agreement with them! Their agreement has stupid cancellation terms that you do not need to agree to. You can do business with them without having a long term agreement at all; I did for years. When the sales rep pushes ask them whether they want the business or not. “If I am happy with your service and prices, why would I leave?” Watch them like a hawk on price changes.)

Yeah i agree with bodegahwy, i use a laundry service and the aprons we get are plenty big enough (6’3" 295 and the strings are to long even for me).

Uniform shop was not the right term- local silkscreen/embroidery shop.
I’ve never used a service- we’ve always had our own washer/dryer and done uniforms each day.
The aprons they got me (and silkscreened) look like they came with an easy bake oven.
Maybe ok for a flower shop but…
Did find some this am that are considerably bigger so ordered 6 and will see.

If you want to purchase aprons I’ve found that Restaurant Equippers <www.equippers.com> has some very good quality aprons made from a heavy weight material with long apron strings and they sell to the public. They’re located in Ohio and will probably be present at the upcoming Ohio Pizza Show (Columbus, Ohio).
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Defintly use a laundry service for your towels, if you have a washer dryer, you can wash your aprons, they come out nice and clean.
I use these along with the ones I get from General Linen.

Thanks— That’s a &$#@ing apron! The ones they got me look like they came with a E-Z Bake Oven!

Try SAMs club. Their little restaurant supply section (pots n pans, knives etc.)
usually has them in black or white.

I agree with, “bodegahwy”, you don’t have to accept the uniform rental company’s prices or terms, it’s all subject to negotiation. If you need someone to negotiate for you, please contact me. Also, if you are having problems and want to legally cancel your contract prematurely, I worked in the industry for many years and now work for the business owner. www.UniformBright.com

Best aprons I’ve ever found come from Restaurant Equippers <www.equippers.com>.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor