Aramark ruin charges

I signed up with Aramark a few months back bc the price was right.
After a month I started getting bogus ruin charges for aprons and bar mops. I call and complain but nothing happens. They just charge my CC whatever.
Today I get a $300 invoice for mats they say I lost, but I gave the mats back to the driver last week unused still rolled up.
Im at my wits end with this company does anyone have any insight on how to handle this?

We dumped aramark and threatened to take them to the magistrate over the cost difference that was set forth by our contract. Switched to Cintas, by far the best linen company we’ve had

My friend Perry seconded that company Cintas.
Im in a contractual hoop with General linen until December. I was going to drop General linen and use Aramark. But now after constant stress from Aramark I might just ask General linen for better pricing

Have you had any billing issues with Cintas? Bc Famouspizza( Perry) was telling my about a dishwasher service he has from Cintas. I was interested in it and if theyre great to deal with I might go with them

No billing issues through almost a year. About $60 every 2 weeks for 150 towels, 3 indoor mats, one outdoor mat, 2 mop heads and a dust mop head

Cool did you call the Aramark 1800 number or your regional manager? To get rid of them

Regional. Sat down, met with them. Tried to fix it by giving us 50% of the overages back if we signed another “contract”. Basically said no way and threatened the magistrate. They went away quietly