Architectural Stamp for a set of drawings!

Does anyone know of any architects that will be able to stamp a set of drawings? We already have the drawings created and approved by the City, Heath Dept., Fire Inspector, but for some reason the company that owns the building (the landlord) approved the drawings but they also want a stamp on them from an architect. They first told us that whatever the City approves will be sufficient for them, but they just decided that no, they want a stamp.

We can not change anything on the drawings, because everything has already been approved, we just need a stamp.
Thanks all!

Interesting conumdrum. Your best bet will be someone local as the stamp is actually on the paperwork. Look in your yellow pages. Once challenge will be that there is some professional liability attached to the stamp. When we did our retail store buildout the stamping fee was $1,000 and that was after paying for the work to be done. Do not expect it to be free.

I figured it will cost something to get this stamp. Nothing but problems with these landlord people. I’d walk away from them with my finger held high if they didn’t have my initial $. They tell us one thing, turn around after it’s complete and say no, now we need this before you can proceed. It’s total BS. If I could sue these people for the months this has been going on I would.

Do not rely on what they tell you.
It will save you time, money, stress and probably your business.
This is one place a good REAL ESTATE Attorney is worth twice what you will pay for his services.

Boy, sure hope you aren’t simply doing an expensive build-out for THEM. Please tell me your behind is contractually covered!!

And hopefully not paying any rent right now! Rent commencment should be tied to a number of things included landlord approval of plans with an appropriate amount of time after that to complete the work before you have to pay anything.

One thing I do not understand is why they have any of your money at this time! I would not expect to see a deposit (if one is required at all) until you take possession and start tenant improvements. If you are still fooling around with planning I don’t get why they have some of your money at this point.

Ok…having a building and contracting background I need you to explain a few things. Who drew the plans first of all? Are you adding, moving, structurally changing any of the interior or exterior of this building? Are you adding capital improvments that the building owner might be liable for before you sign any lease…ie: ADA…etc. To get this architectural or actually its an engineering stamp…they will insist on redrawing and having their people review the entire process. It’s not like a notary and a $1 at the bank! They are under a lot of liability when the floor of your 100 year old building becomes the new basement after you have that party of 200p people next weekend. I had a building that was 100 years old. Built like a tank. in the 1920’s-40’s they installed a car lift to service autos on the 2nd floor. It had one of the first built pre-stressed concrete floor that was 18" thick. I loved this place. Needed an elevator for ada to 2nd floor. Set up was high end bar and restraurant. OH…then the current owner made it a tanning salon for the last 5 years. Had the hvac guys come in and cut 4 - 48" duct openings in that wonderful 18" concrete 1st to 2nd level. Oh and without a permit. I paid $675,000.00 with the only question I was waiting for was the engineering study. Already passed everything else. 3 days later I was litterally crying. The 2nd floor was cleared with the ability to handle 2 apartments and no commercial use other than the rentals. The old way of pre-stressed floors…the rebar had strict standards but damn they were built well. Think the Pentagon. The gov built it as the was hq but then was going to be turned into a five level paper storage warehouse. That’s why it took the HIT! :x so well. Our family business also owned a 100 year old freezer warehouse that was built the same. 2-4 foot round supports with 14" upto 30" solid concrete decks. 4 stories and was listed as a 1950’s nuke shelter. It was a building that I would smile at an f-4/5 tornado coming down the road. Yeah the ammonia leaks would have done us in…but the building would stand. Sorry for the side story…in story mode today. They dont make anything like they used too! Back to your stamp… it will cost and might require more inspections. Now if this is just an interior remodel without structural work… fight this need! I think you would win so long as you are not on their black list. Good luck!

Ok side track… you said you would back out if???.. why cant you back out and get your deposit back. It sounds like you are already bumping heads and this is not the way to start a relationship! :idea: