arctic air

any one using or used this equipment,and what are your comments???

From what I have heard and observe they are low end. I’ve used Bev Air, which is low end, which has always meant less sturdy and flimsy but have never had a problem with major components like the compressor. Seems most of these lower end products last just as long as the higher end ones in regards to mechanics but come apart a lot faster at hinges, seams, rivots, screws etc . . .

I am really good friends with a manager of a service shop that does over 2 million a year in sales and he says that arctic air and bev air are both lower end. If you are not high volume you will probably get by ok with these, but you will have some falling apart issues. If you are high volume and looking for a good price he suggests True equipment, and he always says go with a unit with a thermostatic expansion valve over a unit with a capillary tube. Good luck!

Hi Billy:

When judging refrigerated units you can bet that the lowest price units are not top quality. But I have found that generally speaking the most expensive units are often not that much better than the mid priced units.

George Mills