Are they hoping I'll quit?

Hey all…pretty much same song, different day over at my place.

You can’t find a job with the economy like it is…everyone has the part time jobs that would work with my schedule.

I never got my hours back, and only get scheduled 10 hours a week, and of that, because we are SO dead, work about 3 or 4 hours a week.

When I do work, I get on the line, and the others leave the line and leave me to it. The kids will sit around and talk if I have 10 pies on the screen!

I just get this feeling that they hope I’ll quit or something, even though I am still cranking out quality when I do work my shift (when I work, we get no mistakes, when I don’t work, they have excessive mistakes).

I was told that it wouldn’t be fair to the others to lose hours if I was to be given hours, and I told the manager…“well, you didn’t care about that when you gave my hours to the other girl”.

I mean, I’m getting less hours than the high schoolers that are making the mistakes and the food costs skyrocket.

What do you think?

In all honesty, I would not want to deal with your drama either. They are either fools for keeping you or you are a fool for staying there. Which is it?

If you really believe you could never find another job that works for you that will be the case.

I know from my own places…we give the hours to those who are most flexible. Those who are willing to work when needed not when they need to work.

I also wouldn’t tolerate an employee “talking back to me” or making a dig like you did. I think you need to apologize. Sure they may have wronged you but you guys hashed it out, didn’t come to a agreement everyone was happy with, but did discuss the matter and you are still holding a grudge.

I would be thankful to have a job if your area is feeling the effects of the economy. I would let them know I was willing and able to work whenever THEY needed me. But if you make the statement you need to be available.

Probably not what you wanted to hear but sometimes we are the ones who need to change in order for our circumstances to change.


to be honest I thought after the last time you posted a similar post you said you’d had enough and were going to leave.

So leave, its sounds like you are unhappy, not getting the hours you want, not getting the respect from others you expect so why stay??

I’ve every sympathy with people who have a tough working environment but little with people who do nothing about it.

It does sound like there has been little to no progress for you at all since joining the staff, and especially since being placed in management responsibilities. You’ve said and done a lot to try to make changes in the work environment, you have little to no trust or respect for the owner, and the work environment is growing adversarial.

It appears it is time to decide to adapt and accept . . . or leave. The place isn’t likely to change, so you must. One way or another.

I was PJ delivering part-time for fun and a little cash. The incompetent 21-year-old manager runs hot-and-cold. He used the schedule to get back at employees if they did something wrong or just rubbed him the wrong way. On top of this, other than a couple of other guys, no other drivers jump to help on the make table or cut table. They just sit on their butts until yelled at to do something. So I was surprised last week that my hours were cut from 30 to 10. I asked him why (when I am one of the few that actually works). He said I messed up an order on the make table sometime that week and so I had my hours cut to teach me to be more careful. :shock: Never mind that I no one told me about this mistake when it happened or that he is lucky to not have to constantly get me on the make table as I volunteer.

I quit. :lol: Thinking about checking out Pizza Hut and see what I can learn there.

So yeah, they may be hoping you quit. And you should if you have backup income. If not, start looking and quit when you get something.

As an owner/operator I would have to say they are waiting for you to quit. I would never allow my assistant manager, crew leaders, or even pizza makers to have only 3 hours per week. What’s the point, except that I don’t want to pay unemployment if I lay them off. If they really valued you as an employee they would work in the hours. Even running slightly higher labor, just so you wouldn’t quit. It sounds like you are just an employee to them, nothing more. If they lose “just an employee” there are many others to fill your shoes. During these time, employees need to step up, cover some night shifts, work some weekends. Have you offered to do any of that? If you don’t, they will find someone who will. Good luck, hope it all works out for you.

In a word…YES.

Sorry, just being honest. Go find a new job, be happy!

Well, I think I’m just their “go to” when no one else will do the job.

My availability? WIDE open. Anytime, day or night.

What can I do? Anything…drive, make line, manager…you name it. If someone calls in, all they have to do is call.

Have I made it known to them my availability? Even to the point of offering to go to other franchises he owns to assist when they are short staffed. He promises to schedule me at those stores, then never does.

But, they had no problem having me go out to Apartment Night in a shady neighborhood selling pizzas by myself with cash on hand, and then the rest, try to sell off at the neighborhood bars.

They also want me to do their school tours because the 2 ladies that “hate” me (the one who went postal on me many months ago and then the one who they gave my hours to), in the owner’s own words…“aren’t competent enough to run the tours…they don’t make it fun”.

Long story short is, they must want me gone because they know they’ve screwed up. They probably realize I have MORE than what I need to go before the fair labor board, but I’m not that type of person, and will not do it unless they ever try to discredit me in any fashion.

There are kids being scheduled 7 nights a week, so how can it be unfair to them to lose hours when I want more hours?

I’m not like I am here at work (meaning I’m not a complainer…I only vent here because you folks understand). I never talk other than to communicate in the kitchen, but I am kind to everyone, and I just get my job done, without questions, without being told what to do, and always with a smile.

I guess it’s kind of like my mom says…no one likes someone who is happy all the time. Must be, because I sure can’t figure this one out.

I just know I went from Full time to Part time, and now just 6 hours a week, with a .50 an hour cut in pay, with no explanation, and the expectation I’m supposed to just sit by and be happy with it. I am seriously thinking about going ahead and quitting even though I can’t find something right now (the only reason I’m still at PJ), just to eliminate seeing their drama every week.

where ya from pjgirl?


What is happening to you is called progressive dismissal and is a common method of eliminating an employee that is no longer an asset to the employer. It is done in most cases so the employer can avoid wrongful dismissal charges as well as avoiding a hit to their employment insurance.

The rules where I operate my business are set out so that in the first 3 months I can eliminate and employee without cause or justification. If the employee has been there for more than 3 months but less than 2 years and I do not have just cause to terminate the employment, I must give the employee either one weeks notice or a weeks pay in place of the lack of notice. It is my opinion it is best not to allow an employee that you are terminating to continue working after they know they have been let go.

This is where things get interesting. If I want to get rid of the employee and want to pay as little as possible for their severence, what I would have to do is cut the hours worked to a minimum for a period of nine weeks. This could be three hours (the least amount of time allowed for a shift) a week for the nine weeks. The severence at that point would only cost me three hours pay rather than up to 44 hours pay. If the employee should decide to quit during the nine weeks I would be off the hook and have to pay nothing at all.

I do not know what the employment laws in your area are so I am offering this as a “this may be the case” snapshot.

I hope you are able to come out of this situation with your heart and soul intact. It is a blow to the ego to have put your best effort into a job just to be pushed aside like you are worthless. I have been there more than once. Best wishes on the outcome of this situation.

This could definitely be what is going on. Sounds like it to a tee.

What is so funny is that if they feel that I am not longer an asset, they could just tell me and I would gladly go elsewhere with no animocity toward them at all.

I have ran my own business before as a mystery shopper. Though I did not deal with employees (I am a sole proprietor), I am mature enough to understand how business works, and I know that needs dictate outcomes for every employee, and that business is business.

It is definitely a learning experience for me. I do still wish the franchise and the owners the best in all efforts they have, but if we have to part ways, then that’s okay. Even though I realize it’s a mistake for them to treat me this way, again, it’s business…not personal…I’ll just lick my wounds and move on.

Oh, someone asked where I’m at…I’m in Oklahoma…just outside of Tulsa.

If you are only working 9 hours a week, then money wise, it is like not having a job at all.
Seems the juice ain’t worth the squeeze.

Seems like you know what you want to do, but you keep asking us…Give a notice of whatever length you want. It could be 4 weeks, if you want it to be.
There is nothing that says you must give 2 weeks only. Tell the owner-even though you know he doesn’t care-that you are leaving due to less hours. Don’t talk about any other circumstances, just you need more hours and you are going to be leaving in xxxx time.

If he wants you to quit, he won’t do anything. If he wants you to stay, he will find the hours.

You need to either cut bait or fish!

It is SOP for PJ to cut hours rather than get rid of you. The manager of my PJ told me this when I asked why he kept on so many deadbeat drivers. Funny thing is, good people will not put up with nonsense while losers will. So he has a roster of drivers who are very willing to only be scheduled for 3 to 6 hours a week and actually work less because he sends them home first.

I’ll be honest…the only, and I mean the ONLY reason I’m staying is because our financial situation is such that even just that $20.00 weekly helps us.

Had I still been a full time employee, we wouldn’t be in this fix.

So, I have to drudge on until I find just the right job…but with a bad back that’s on the rebound, new opportunities are essentially shot down before I get a chance to give a notice.

For instance, I got a prep position with a steakhouse restaurant.

After 8 hours of constant bending, stooping, and twisting, I was very tired, very sore. I was never offered a break, and prepped the whole shift.

They knew I had a bad back, and when I went back the next day, I was told to unload the truck. I told them that I could not, and if this was an expectation of me, then I could not continue to work for them. We mutually agreed for me to just leave with no bad feelings…there was apparently miscommunication on one of our parts.

I don’t want to look outside of the food service, but I may very well have to until my back is fully healed. Fast food/food service is where I have the most enjoyment working.

Hey, in our area, PJ will let you work at other PJ stores. So you may be able to pick up hours that way.

That is a good idea Charles.

I wonder how feasible it would be to go outside of franchise and offer to be a “call in” employee for when their employees call in.

For instance, tell them I am available to cover shifts from 9 a.m. to close, all days except Tuesdays and Thursdays (that’s only in the fall when the kids have basketball), and I will come in if their person calls in.

What do you all think of that idea? If you had multiple stores, and had this opportunity for someone you KNOW would come in if you had an employee call in…would you take it?

Sure. Cannot hurt. Probably.

My very limited impression is that ownership took a shot at management progression with you. You took the shot, even though you knew ahead of time that the situation would svck due to management style or lack thereof. You had little respect for the superiors above you before the responsibility shift . . . and less after seom hard situation and how they played out.

Kristi, this relationship looks (from hundreds of miles away through a bunch of wires) irrevocably damaged. I cannot respect the decision to stay in such a hostile and futile situation. Martyrdom serves no one in this scenario. It is tearing your integrity down, and it defeats your credibility every day.

If I were brutally honest, If you come to me after your staying in that lousy spot for months and months and months. . . asking me for a job . . . I cannot see you being a top shelf addition to a management team. I keep asking myself where is the righteous anger? Where is the refusal to be treated like an 18-year old high school drop out? I do not intend to be mean or kick you when you are down . . . just to see if I can push you out of the complacency you have wandered into and get into building something better in your life.