Are those real or fake?

Ok, now that I got your attention. I have a couple that I’ve been bouncing pizza ideas off of and the topic of providing a meatless “meat” pizza came up. For a vegitarian option yes, but we’re also in a heavy Catholic area, (and of course that includes me as a Deacon)…and wonder if anyone has tried using the “Boca” meats as a meatless option.

Specifically thinking about experimenting with things like the MorningStar “sausage” crumbles and some of the newer “Chicken” products that taste decent alone, just curious what they do on a pizza.

Has anyone used these types of substitutes with success? I’m thinking inventory overhead would be minimal as I would simply purchase a couple of selections from my local supermarket and stick in the freezer untill needed.

interesting, I think I may look into that wen lent rolls around.

We did a number of tests using various meat analogs several years ago, we even did a sea food pizza withthe surimi products. When we put the analog products on before baking we were somewhat disappointed in the flavor, especially the sea food products, but when we gave the pizzas a half to three quarter bake, then applied the toppings they were really quite good. The have been a number of advancements in these types of products over the years, and possibly by now at least some of them might work well with a full bake. In any case, it can be done, at the worst, you would need to add the meat analogs late in the baking stage, and as you’re not talking about making very many anyways, this shouldn’t present much of a problem.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Several years ago we tried some meatless meat (I think it was Gardenburger sausage) and thought our many vegetarian customers would love it. They didn’t. Veggie people don’t even want anything resembling meat, and meat-eaters want the real thing. We had to eat most of it ourselves and I recall that we were quite tired of it in the end. I think Real food is the best idea these days.

consider a tofu pie w/spicey thai sauce, green peppers, red onions…

we just put a chicken thai pie on our menu…

We have a large Seventh day adventist college in town and have used Veggie pepperoni for years and they love it. we dont sell a lot of it so we keep it in the freezer and just take it out as we need it but the regular vegeterian customers like that we have it as an option

Wayne do you ever get deliveries to the “outskirts” of the campus?..With real meat?..I remember doing those kind of deliveries when living in Red Deer…

PS…The college used to operate a very economical print ship…Ever used them?