Are we better off with an open or closed kitchen?????????

Our kitchen, all 250 sq.ft. of it is to say the least a mad house on a busy day/night. We seat 28 people, and typically need two decent waitresses/shift to get us through.We have a total of 950 sq. ft. I’ve worked at this location for a little over 9 years, from dishwasher to owner and everything in between. Since our entire place is open from front to back, everyone and their mother can see everything at all times. At first, I saw this as an opportunity to make up for my lack of talent/expeience with my easy going personality. Sounds great, but it has been working against us more than ever since our re-opening this past February. Many of our customers - both new and old seem to find it necessary to come up to the counter and either praise me(us) or raise hell when we are at our busiest. Being located in the heart of West Boca Raton,FL it is darn near impossible to say no or not give your total attention to the “king” or “Queen” that is gracing you with their very presence… can you sense the sarcasm here? Recommendations PLEASE!!!