Are we headed towards socialism in the USA?

Our debt is in the trillions, unemployment in the teens(true numbers) and more and more people are on welfare(1 in 7).

What gives?

What ever happened to free markets/capitalism?

Spread the wealth? Are you kidding?

What say you?


Yes! Canada has been ahead of the USA for years. When I moved here in my teen years I was amazed the government sent my mother a check every month for each of the children in the family. A real incentive to have more children :roll:

The socialized medicare is another one that blew me away. It seems that with every little ache or pain people run to the doctor be cause it doesn’t cost anything.

Now I thought you were going to talk about something exciting when you said you were gonna get the ball rolling…

Politics always does…

I just don’t get it…Why would you vote for anyone that is anti business?

A quick fact…

Look at the past presidents and you will see that over 50% of their administration had experience in the private sector. The Obama adminstration has around 7%.

I fear for my son that he will not have to quality of life that we have.

Give a man a fish, he eats for a day…
Teach a man to fish and he eats for life


YUP, in fact we’re already there. Only its for big business, not the people. Take a look at the Military-Industrial Complex, the Financial Industry, and the Insurance Industry. *Investigate the hundreds of billions (borrowed) of “NO BID” dollars handed out during the IRAQ war. Once you’ve counted the trillions handed out to these huge companies (and the billions in bonuses and salaries to their executive staffs for their leadership??) then lets talk about the state of socialism in the US. Its a welfare system for big business that enables the business elite and their families to live far, far above the rest of us. Its a system that you have to be born into for membership.

Well said. Very true for the big business sector. Now as far as for the public sector - you have to factor in the l ottery. You can be anybody and get lucky and win that. Most who win end off worse off then they were before but meh. Anyone want to start a l otto pool? ^^

I will hold the money for the poll :mrgreen:


Teach a man to manage a self-sustaining fish hatchery/farm and he can feed a community . . . and make a profit doing it.

But Nick…the community does not want too pay! The Man is going to give your fish to them anyway! Damn I sound like a 1970’s activist…GRRR! :twisted:

One week till the “car” makes that u-turn and gets going the RIGHT direction again! Yes the “car” has swerved off course in the past and I am sure it will again at times, but the current course is not a road, it is the dirt trail that the farmer forgot to mow for the last 40 years and has grown over with weeds and brush. Wow…I love how politicians use a “car” to describe our livelihood.

Dear Mr. President,

2 years ago, you told Joe the plumber that you wanted to spread the wealth. Ok, lets do that. Lets take this to the next level. If my business goes under and I lose my house,car, savings, at the same time have a debt that I can’t repay, do we “spread the debt”?

With all due respect(to the office) Mr. President, I have created jobs…You Have Not!

Give me a gingle any time,


They already are spreading the debt where have you been, and both major parties are responsible for TARP, the auto buyout, the ongoing bank bailouts, the mortgage bailouts etc.
It seems like the only people not being offered a handout are those that behaved responsible and did not get into debt over their head, or if they were deep in debt, went without so they could recover. The only thing we got was the bill for those that had no self control.

Tirred, angry, fat non-bald pizza guy

Damn Rick… If you’re not bald get the hell out of here! :stuck_out_tongue:

The sad state of things is that we are bailing out the people that do not handle themselves accordingly either in business or personally and we are putting the same people back in the same positions to make the same piss poor decisions once again. It’s time we as a nation make some hard choices and remove the lifer’s from office and get some people in there that can really help change things for the better of a thriving country and not for the unions of the world. The United States is not a third world nation but we can easily fall into that roll if things keep going on the current path. My sister-in-law works for one of the large clothing mfg. (for her sake I will keep it quiet) and I tell you… the stories I hear about her overseas travel to the factories they use…not too mention the infrastructure of some of the locations. On one trip the factory sent a “car” to pick her up at the airport. It was a flatbed pickup. That then had a flat tire before it made it out of the airport. The driver had no money for a tire so she had to buy a tire for the truck…actually got 2 when it was all said and done… I can see the tire guys lined up outside O’Hare right now! :shock:

We as a nation are so much better than this and it’s time to buck up people! Come on! :x