"Are you hiring?"


Today I’ve taken (I’m not kidding) 12 telephone calls where people ask if we are hiring - along with 3 people walking in the door and asking the same question.

Last Saturday, I put an ad on Craigslist saying I needed doorhangers - cash paid daily. Two hours after posting the ad I had 58 responses in my email box.

Anyone else getting bombarded?

Yeah I’ve been getting a couple a day lately, which hasn’t happened since I been open. Now if I could just turn the numbers of people I get for apps into customers, I’d be set :smiley:

But anyways, just outta curiosity, when you pay someone to do doorhangers, how do you know they aren’t doing a couple, and trashing the rest, then saying they’re done?

I have also had a huge increase in people coming in asking for all type of work. I havent seen this many requests for a long time. Good for us but a bad sign of the times.

This is my concern exactly. I think doorhanger companies skip a lot of streets and I definitely would not trust hiring someone I didn’t know. I usually have some of my own guys go out and door hang. At least with my own guys there is an incentive to do the job right – as in loosing their job otherwise. What does a guy from Graigslist care if you catch him?

As far as hiring goes, we have not hired in at least six months – probably longer. We’ve kept the crew we have and have even cut their hours back. I’m personally picking up some slack and sending people home early every chance I get. With our new concept just starting out we are into some good marketing but I’m not taking any chances.

Funny thing is right now, I can’t remember the last time anyone has even come in asking for a job. It used to be very common.

This is not usually an issue. I don’t use “companies”. I use people who are looking to pick up some quick and easy cash. They may only do it once, and many times they come again and do it regualrly. Sometimes parents and older kids do it together, etc.

Someone checks each and every apt complex assigned to may certain they are being done as asked. I tell people beforehand that I will be checking, and it has never been a problem. Of course I don’t check every door, put a quick drive through the complex will tell you if it was done or not.