Are you left or right politcally?

Just courious to see where owners lean.


Overall, I’m pretty far right, with a couple issues that I lean left on. But what is pi$$ing me off right now is that every canidate from anywhere on the spectrum sux so bad that they can’t campaign on their own merits, only by telling how much worse their opponent is. I will never vote for any candidate who isn’t confident enough in their own strengths to campaign on them. Just let the opponent show how unqualified they are. They seem to do just that every other day.

This survey reminds me of the lesson Johnny Cash was trying to teach with this song.

I lean right. My son asked me (he’s 7) if I like Obama? I told him I don’t agree with his views. Of course he asked why? Keep in mind that I have taught my son from a early age that you have to produce(work) in order to get money and he caught on immediatley. I said"If you worked hard and I paid you then someone else took that money and gave it to a person that sat and watched you work" my 7 year old said “Dad,that’s wrong”…I said “That’s the difference”.

I know social issues are different also but I wanted my son to know that the left is anti-business and wants more people reliant on the government in order to control people.


Dr. Suess was profound (even if he was reworking Jonathan Swift) in the message of the Bitter butter Battle Book. We seem to be so caught up in who is right and who is wrong that we forget we are supposed to be solving problems and strengthening the country.

(with soci-economic political mutal destruction standing in for the nuclear annihilation Suess handled)

I consider myself a Libertarian, which seems to make me pretty right on some issues and pretty left on others. I never liked being categorized anyway :smiley:

I can go with some of the Libertarians platform. They lose me because they believe in no boundries - do it if it doesn’t hurt anyone…We need boundries in life.


Pizza eaters are right wing, gun shooting, cigar smoking, beer drinking good overall fella’s. Pizza eaters who are left wing always order “extra cheese”. :smiley: