Are your food costs going up?

We’ve had a new Sysco Rep since July 1st of this year. I just sat down and compared pricing on our 30 biggest items. From December 05 to June 06 our we took an average price increase of about 2%. Since the new rep has taken over in July, our prices have risen an average of 8.5%.

Have any of you seen price increases like this since July? I think I’ve been the victim of the new rep creeping prices up after he took over the account.

I have quit ordering from them for the same reason

I have been pricing out companies, and was shocked to see this happening to someone else. I havent even opened yet, and Sysco has already added an increase to the prices they quoted me because of “increased product costs” ha!! I dont think so, going to another company. I mean if they have the guts to raise the prices during negotiations, what will they do later, forget it!!

My Family has been in business for over 25 years and we’ve always had at least 3 major suppliers. Not one supplier can or will get you the best prices on everything. Certain suppliers tend to have better pricing on paper products and others on tomato products.

What I always do first is check the prices on everything I buy from all my suppliers. I buy each product where i can get it cheaper. Once I get the produt I test the quality of the product and make sure its up to our standards. A lot of times the cheaper you buy the lower quality you might get. So what I do is I’ll buythe same product from another one of ou suppliers and test it against what we previously bought. If I feel that the new product beats the quality of the cheaper one by far, i wont hesitate to buy the better product and pay a bit more.

By having 3 suppliers it keeps them all on there toes to try to get me the best deals.

Anyone else work the same way?

I was warned about Sysco at the get-go. I had a provision vendor for meats, a dough, produce, grocery, bakery and paper goods vendor. All of them stuck with their prices with the exception of increases that had to go with market. It worked well for us and we had exceptional quality. It’s a bit more work but worth the customer base.

I found the smaller vendors had better service and quality, most of the time. We sold but toward the end, I did see increases but not too much.

Good Luck

I used Sysco for several years when I was involved with a franchise, we were under a delivery only contract with them and they would still try to creep the prices up on us. I was very happy when we switched.