Are ZESTO conveyors any good?

i just bought a pizza place with Zesto ovens and they are 2007 model

seems to be a good oven just very loud i wanted to know if they are a good oven and what they are worth being 5 years old and if anyone knows where i can sell them.

they are 60" bake chamber 32" wide belt , double stack propane

oh come on, someone has the answer. We need more members…

There’s a whole lot of members here and I’ll guess that none use the Zesto ovens you’re talking about. I doubt there are many in existence. From the pictures in your other post the ovens look great. For whatever reason I always thought of Zesto conveyor ovens as counter top ovens. Your pics show thats not case for all of them. I hope they cook well and hope you keep us posted on them.

well as long as they make parts i can fix anything, they are like new so i guess ill just rock them lol

Sorry guys: I can’t help much on this one.

I have no clients using Zesto ovens. I do not know of any group using Zesto ovens. I have had several callers offering to sell their Zesto ovens. I have never had a call from anyone looking to purchase Zesto ovens.

George Mills