artichoke hearts

Was wondering what’s the best way to use arti hearts? Diced, sliced, cooked or fresh on after? Thanks.

We had success using canned artichoke hearts sliced lengthwise into like 10 bits. It is the kind with some of the tender leaf left on. I believe that lightly poached fresh artichoke would be a superior flavor . . . but it just wasn’t practical. Find the firmest canned product with the best vegetable flavor.

My recommendation if using fresh, then lightly poached with lemon juice and a sprig of parsley, then slice and place on pie in last minute or so of baking, or at the end. OR fresh sliced on pie when put together.

We use tinned hearts and marinate them in 1 part cider vinegar, 2 parts white vinegar and 2 parts the juice the hearts came in with garlic, mixed herbs and diced onion.
We just break the heart up by hand a place aroud the pizza.


We have used them for over 12 years. We use canned hearts that come cut in 1/4s. We put them on the pizza like any other topping after tearing them in half. We charge a double topping price for them.

On most popular specialty pizza for the last 12 years: The Snow in Texas: Chopped Garlic and Olive Oil as sauce, ricotta, Mesquite chicken breast, artichoke hearts, roma tomatoes, mozzarella.

Here is another one. The “Cali Pie”:

“Cali Pie”: Fresh Dough, Chopped Garlic and Olive Oil, Fresh Spinach, Artichoke Hearts, Fresh Roma Tomatoes, all with Ricotta and Mozzarella cheese!