Artichoke Pizza

I had a few people request artichoke hearts as a topping or a specialty pizza. Anyone doing this, how does it sell? Can you give me some recipes?

I do not and have never had one.
What has worked for me is to experiment.
I find out I end up experimenting even after getting a “recipe”, eventhough that is a good start.
I hope you get some experienced replies,


We dice up artichoke hearts, toss with cooked spinach and a white sauce, top the crust with a decent layer of the mixture, and then follow with a mozz/provolone mix, bake.

Its really good, I must say. Its not the best seller, because (especially in my area, where if its not bleeding its not worth buying) advertising a “Spinach & Artichoke” pizza is hard, just because of the mentioned reason. But the young-uns like me really like it.

One of our good gourmet sellers is a pizza with chicken and plum sauce, artichoke hearts (marinated), sundried tomato, mushrooms, fresh tomato and herbs.

We marinate the artichokes in a mixture of white and white wine vinegar, water, herbs, salt, pepper and sugar.

Also use marinated artichoke kearts in some other gormet pizzas as well.


We call our special the A&WP after the train that was the boom of outr town in the 1850’s until the 1980’s. Also for Artichoke and white pizza.

Pie shell with garlic butter/margarine base sauce. Add sliced artichoke hearts, crumbled feta, and minced roasted garlic. Top with mozz/prov. I’d say we sell 6 or 8 a week, which is saying something for our shop volume. We also use them on salads and a pasta dish in dvelopment (meaing we’ve done it repeatedly at home and deciding when to make it a special at the shop):

Thin Spaghetti with garlic butter, sliced artichoke hearts, diced avacado, forzen peas (thawed, and not canned ones), a little feta and small diced tomato. IT is really a sublime little pasta dish that is light yet satisfying.

we just offer it as a topping and it has been getting more & more popular…what i have noticed is buying them whole instead of already quartered make them keep much longer and we just quarter them as we go

sell about 10-15 per week…
for a 14" pizza, the base is 11oz mozz, 1 oz minced garlic sprinkled over pizza, 3 oz extra virgin olive oil, 3 oz parmesan cheese.
top with 10 oz artichoke hearts, 1/2 of a roasted red pepper, and 1 torn up leaf of fresh basil. Big hit with the vegetarian crowd in my very blue collar community.