Arugula Topping

I’m Thinking of putting Arugula on my menu for a topping and into some salads and on a pear and Gorgonzola pizza with candied spicy walnuts with a Balsamic Vinegar and white truffle glaze. Do you thing that it would carry well for a Del/co or just for a dine in shop? Would you put the Arugula on the pie when you cut and box or on the side and let the customer put it on? Or would you even have it on your menu?
Just wondering

Hey there,

We use arugula all the time. I find that the heartier arugula that is locally grown in the summer in Wisconsin, holds up much better for delivery/take out. The bagged arugula you get from food distributors tends to wilt pretty quick in the box. I’ve tried both ways - on the side and on the pizza. On the pizza seems to work just fine.

Like all leafy greens, we put it under the cheese…

Hmm, even for something that uses iceburg? Or do you mean like green peppers etc?

And Tony, your combination has my mouth watering just thinking about it…
May it be a big hit for ya!