As night follows day . . . . coincidences

So, I walk into the store 30 minutes before opening to do pre-open prep. I run through the place and get down to checking thermometers in all the refrigeration. My pizza prep table is running warm at 58F, but all the food is still 45F. So I can figure from experience with this table that food has been running warm for about an hour. I can use the food safety guidelines to determine when I need to discard the food due to time/temp stress. I called our cooler guy immediately and got on their schedule for repair call . . . hottest day in 7 years means every AC in the county is running warm.

The quiz question for the assembled is this: What almost guaranteed event happened 1 hour after opening? Extra points for being the first to guess.
(hint: it is not that AC going out . . . it has been dripping on ceiling tiles for a week and a half waiting for AC guy to come)

health inspector walks in…

The food had to be tossed and you got a massive order for 100 pies that they needed in one hour…

Now that, Tom, is the sort of “silver lining” thinking of possibilities that makes your magazine and website popular. Sure it is a hardship, but it has a payoff. Sorry, though.


With her hair net already on. I got a pizza strip . . .those stick-on things we write our orders on . . . that said “HEALTH INSPECTOR HERE!” I just had to laugh and keep doing what I was doing.

The EXACT same thing happened to me a couple years ago - when I saw the inspector walk in, I pretended I was all pi–ed off, saying “You’re late! Where the heck have you been?!” After she gave me this look, kind of wondering if she needed to call someone with a straight jacket, I started laughing & told her what was going on. She thought it was hilarious - told me I made her whole week. Didn’t even get a write up for it.

Had a similar situation last week except no Health Inspector - haven’t seen one since the second day in the store 20 months ago :shock:

Went in to do the banking etc and heard stop start noise from the make bench motor. Sh#t, I said ( well, much worse really) - refig gas run out after only getting it topped up a week before. Called refrig company and they had a new refigerant blower on hand and put it in that day. Finished 15 minutes afterGood service :lol: Cost $1,700 :cry: Ouch I moaned :cry:

Only good thing is bench now best it has ever been = lower running cost.

Bad thing = wife said there goes your new make bench for at least 2 years (was getting a new one when we get new lease) :cry:

Good thing = sales going so great and rapidly increasing we will need a new additional bench so I will win out eventually.

Better thing = still haven’t seen health inspector. Guess they don’t work while we are open. We don’t open during the day and trainee manager is out the back out of sight doing his daily prep so wouldn’t hear anyone knocking on the door ( especially with headphones for iPOd ).