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Dear Ed(and am cross posting to hopefully get an idea):

Here in Colorado we have really only one decent pizzaria named Beau Jeaos. They do a really good mountain style pie.
The NY style and Chicago style pizzarias (Anthony’s, Belemonte, Pisquale’s to name a few) just don’t have the NY style going on. Mainly its the cheese. Ok, it IS the cheese. EVERY Colorado Pizza comes out of the oven and then served on your dish/napkin/paper plate with cheese that is like the rubber sole from your grandfathers loafers. Everyone of them. Its not hot, its not liquid, its not smoking. Instead, and from the oven to your plate (maybe 10 seconds), its a congealed, cooled mess that could all be lifted with one finger.

I think it certainly has to do with our +5000’ altitude and very dry semi arid environment.

Sorely, everybody in CO complains about this especially after having authentic NY or Chicago style pizza. Here the cheese oozes, is smoky, is hot.

Nobody has duplicated yet in Colorado.

Any ideas on what is going on here in the mile high city?


Kevin Kuczek

Hello Ed,

We are in the process of starting a pizzeria, for the same we wish to install a Conveyer or a deck oven.
unfortunately Gas is not an option so either oven has to be electric.
Can you offer some insight as to which type of oven will be more energy efficient?
on the face of it the 2 ovens i will choose between are rated as deck - 12KW & the conveyer is rated at 17KW.

it seems to me that the conveyer would be significantly more expensive to run.
also in your opinion which of the 2 would provide a better bake for Pizza.


I was reading online how pre-shredded cheese has many additives that simply put make me want to vomit! I never realized what went into it before now and I want to find out how to avoid pre-shredded cheese. What the best, and most cost effective way to commercially shred cheese in house?
I have narrowed my options down to the following:
mixer attachment hub
vertical cutter
cheese grater/shredder machines

What are you thoughts?

Nice post !