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new pizzeria in nj


I am considering opening a new pizzeria in the central nj area. Can you give me a break down of all costs involved?
Thank you

Can you or anyone out there clarify what “pizza items” at a pizzaria are. Basically what Im asking is, my landlord opened an Italian restaurant in the same plaza as I am. In my lease it states that no one else can come in with 50% more pizza items on their menu. Well just so happens he put every sub I have on his menu with the exception of a pizza sub and BBQ chicken sub, he also put pasta dishes and salads on as well. at which is on my menu as well. So I need to find clarification on what pizza items are? Can you help clarify or some one else???

I’ve asked this question in the general forums, but after reading your background info, I thought posting it here would also be appropriate:

I’m investigating opening a small pizza-only shop/stand at a Florida beach (few years out), and am starting my due diligence.
Do you have an example of a good financial model / spreadsheet? I’m interested in the overall structure, including some of the line items particular to the business that I may not have considered, or if some of my assumptions may not be accurate.

Using my wonderful MBA skills, I’ve created a generic small biz template, but I would rather take a look at one that has been refined from real world use.

Also, if you have any business plan suggestions, or recommendations, I would love to hear them.


We have been in business for over 25 years and competitors have come and gone after half hear-ted attempts. Recently a shop 3 blocks down was purchased and in the process of being remodeled. We have a great reputation and a great product.We know there will be some sort of loss in our weekly sales.My question is how do i keep this to a minimum? Should i advertise more before or after they open the doors.How long before the initial buzz disappears? Thanks for you help

Dear Mr. Rasmussen,

I live in Bahrain and soon planning to open a pizza restaurant here. As I am new in this business, I will appreciate you can suggest me a good price and good quality pizza kitchen equipments and machinery for my restaurant with 100 chairs and delivery. My restaurant will be in Bahrain so the shipment for those suppliers shall be possible to here and the shipment cost need to be not much or free if possible.

Also please let me know the list of equipments and machinery that I will need for my restaurant at the beginning. Can you also explain me the difference between the conveyed oven and the regular oven. Could you please tell me if it effects the taste of the pizza or both can be used for a different kind of pizza?

I will appreciate if you can reply as soon as possible as I’m stuck here only with the prices from Saudi Arabia suppliers which are very expensive.

Thank you in advance.

Best wishes,

Gozde Recep :?: :?:

Re: Record Keeping(Guest Checks)

I need to know, in my business I use guest checks for our customers orders, does anyone know do I have to actually keep these for 6 years? I do know I have to keep all the other important paper work, such as receipts, invoices and such things, but actual guest checks, my basement is starting to look overwhelming

I have seen a few examples of Excel Spreadsheets for pizza shops, but have been unsuccessful getting my hands on an actual working spreadsheet that I can “tweak” and use for my future pizza business… I really want/need to get a strong grasp of P&L, break even points, payroll, etc… Any help is more than greatly appreciated!!

Could you help direct me to some resources for quality used equipment. Specifically I am having a hard time finding a Marsal MB 866 double stack.


ZZAA, I’d suggest posting this type of question in the general Think Tank.
Good luck!

Liz Barrett
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