Hey Think Tankers, if you have any questions regarding online marketing, internet marketing, and email marketing, we have Boris Bugarski on the line to answer your questions. Boris is the CEO of mUrgent Solutions, an email and online marketing company. He knows the ins and outs of the business.

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I have a question about e-mail marketing. We have a list of e-mail addresses (it is about 45 customers right now, but we are working on collecting more) and I was wondering how often should an e-mail be sent to them, and what are some of the best types of e-mails to send (announcing something, offering something, etc.)?

If you would have any samples of effective e-mail messages that could be adapted to my pizza parlor, I would be very appreciative.



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Thank you for putting this subject in discussion.
I would like to know how to put an email campaign together from scratch. I mean how to collect email addresses? what software I need to use to enter those addresses in? and how to email them so they look more personal (maybe with names in them) without looking like bulk mail? How often to email? And is it better to focus in offer-oriented emails or mix them up with some other info such us recipes…
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Sandro…very good question. I will be sure and get that one in for the interview.

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Thanks for all your questions. The interview with Boris Bugarski is online at View at your leisure.

Also, this week, we are open for questions on this topic:

Are you thinking of adding credit/debit card processing to your pizzeria? Do you have questions concerning point-of-sale debit or credit card processing? Steven D. Feldshuh is president of New York, New York-based Business Payment Systems (BPS), an Independent Sales Organization (ISO) providing over 25,000 merchants with credit/debit card processing.

Mr. Feldshuh is responsible for a network of over 1,600 agents at sales offices throughout the U.S., working through National Processing Company, Inc. in association with Bank of America, N.A.

He is well-qualified to discuss point-of-sale debit or credit card processing as well as BPS’ value added products, including:

-Check Services
-Cash Advance Products
-Gift and Loyalty Programs
-Web Services and E-commerce solutions
-Medical Product Involving Credit Card Processing
-Prepaid Products

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