Ask The Experts: Question for Lehmann

My name Tom i’m a consultant for a small pizza chain. My question is when preparing the pizza dough for the day, they use a sheeter and then slap it out from there. If they don’t use all the dough they slap out and stretched out on the screen they put it back it the walk-in and leave it over night. Please take in mind that the dough came out of the walk-in and sat out most of the day. The next day they bring the dough from the night before. and use it again. I believe that when they do this it kills the ingretdients in the dough is this right. My thought is using that sheeter and compressing the dough and leaving on the screen again it kills the ingredients and you don’t get as much oven spring on the final bake. Please advise.

Thank you Tom

It might help Tom to know what kind of dough you are talking about, that is, whether it is a high/moderate hydration dough (e.g., for a “soft” crust) or a low-hydration dough (e.g., for a cracker-style crust). If you can share the dough formulation, that might also help determine what the window of usability is.


Tom will be back next weekend. He is on the PMQ Pizza Cruise.