Ask The Experts: Question for Steve Green


I hope all is well.

We are looking into purchasing an existing restaurant. It has a store front that is successful, and we only plan on a few changes to increase sales. Online presence for ordering, and networking more in the immediate area.

My question surrounds the feasibility of what we are calling phase two. We want to increase sales by getting large accounts. I wanted to ask what your thoughts were on this. Taking a product and being able to freeze it so that it can be purchased in regular grocery stores, or some other type of method for expanding the store beyond the physical capacity.

I may be missing something, but was hoping you could share your thoughts on how to expand beyond a single store without taking liability of opening multiple store fronts.

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Here, this may help you.

I think Steveo922 did a good job in showing you a string which addresses this. Thanks Steveo. You’re a credit to all Steve’s everywhere.