Assembly Line Style

I’m getting into the pizza business BUT i plan on running my shop like a retail outlet - ABSOLUTELY NO PRODUCTION. I plan on buying everything ready to use, right down to sauce and dough, fully cooked meats, etc… Basically my shop’ll be an assembly line. I see marketing as my biggest challenge. What do you guys think?Can you reccommend a good distributor? I want to get everything from one supplier. I’m trying to minimize stress as much as possible.

I also plan to really brand my shop ie. custom boxes, napkins, snazzy logo etc. and promote it like crazy doorhangers, ads, etc.

I hope you do not have or expect any competition. No matter how much you dress it up and market the hell out of your brand, when you put crap in you will get crap out :wink:
Also if you are hoping to minimize stress i think you need another business venture
Good Luck anyways!

I’ve got a good name for your new shop, too. Ready?

…[size=7]PAPA MURPHYS[/size]…

Doesn’t have a nice ring to it?


for what it’s worth, I went through that stage also

been making pizza since 1999, had 2 seasons with a pizzeria,

what I found out was that I could make the dough cheaper and better
most of the other things I use are ready or close to ready to use
crushed tomatoes, cheese, and toppings

to get everything completely ready to use, especially the dough, you may not be pleased with the result…changing it would be tricky, at the mercy of what the vendors are selling
if done right, the pizza could be good, may be a good thing,

and pizza is like an assembly line, everyone does it differently, mix different things, time and temperature variations

like I said, I remember having those thoughts too, and it may work,
I do not know anyone doing it that way.
to me, I think it would be a more difficult and costly way to go

good luck,

I’ll play on Bobby’s side…

Roma/Astro dough balls
Stanislaus Pizzaiola sauce
Grande Diced Mozz
Hormel Pepperoni
Sausage, cooked, Roma (Fontinini)
Chicken Breast, cooked
Beef topping, cooked

fresh green peppers, red onions, canned or fresh mushrooms, chopped tomatoes…
Sliced black olives, pepperocinis, pineapple
Ricotta & Parmesan cheese…

not a bad start for a stress free operation…

Patriot lists some good brands.

Its not my style, but I think your way is doable. I see a lot of successful restaurant chains out there with average products that know how to market and put on a great atmosphere.

There are quality pre-made products out there to use. I would suggest prepping your own produce however. Fresh produce goes a “long” way and can make up for a lot.

I think I might’ve misspoke. I was under the impression you wanted to just prepare the food and send it out without baking in an oven. Sorry if I did. If you’re looking for pre-prepared foods you can get them from pretty much any food distributor. Domino’s has done it for years and I’d like to think they’ve been pretty successful at it.


Hello Bobby,I don’t quite agree w/ you on this,Butt just call Sysco foods and tell the sales rep what you want to do and He or She will fall in love w/ you because this is what they do.Tell them that you have been chatting w/ US fOODS AND THEN DO THE SAME W/ US FOODS TELL THEM YOUV’E BEEN CHATTING W/ SYSCO SO YOU CAN NEGOTIATE SOME PRICES.THEY WILL HAVE MANY IDEAS FOR YOU ALSO.Sorry about CAPS.