Assistant Manager salary/hourly rate question

I had my job interview for assistant manager at this 2 million a year in sales pizza shop in my metro area. I had good vibes from the guy interviewing me (the GM). one question he asked me was how much i made at my current place and i mentioned 12-16 an hour, sometimes 18 (i am mainly a delivery driver but i can do anything). So he asked me either what i would be happy with or expect (something along those lines) salary-wise and i wasn’t too sure of a correct answer (i didnt wanna lowball myself but also didnt wanna throw out a figure that he laughs at) so he kinda stepped in and said he would start off the assn manager in the “low to upper 20’s.” i kinda figured it would be in that range. but i regret not stating what i would be happy with to start (28-34k) so he might be getting me for cheaper labor if im hired. so my questions are:

  1. If i get a 2nd interview, do i mention i thought about salary more and i tell him i would be able to live on 30k? (if he tells me i start 25k for instance). (by the way I am 27 single and no kids)

  2. Do i lie and tell him i have another offer for 30k and see if he wants to match it?

  3. A guy my father plays cards with with took my resume` at a large company (he is a business analyst making 100K) and i kinda wanna wait to see if anything opens up with that. or should i take this job and quit if a 2nd door opens up? (assuming i get pizza job)

  4. do i just suck it up and be happy with anything at this point since its full time and it offers me real experience as something more than pizza delivery boy and i can move out of mommy and daddy’s house? (i can honestly live on minimum wage of i had to).

  5. to sum it up, how do i, if at all, negotiate the most salary i can for this position? or did i lose that opportunity from interview #1.

thanks all

ps. the position is required to work 5.5 days a week at rotating shifts/hours.

55 hours a week salary of low to mid 20’s would be like working for 8 bucks a hour. Do they offer benefeits, vacation sick time Etc… I would say 600 to 650 a week would be a fair number. If your making 12-14 sometimes 18 why leave

I have interviewed, hired, trained, supervised etc employees earning from $10 hour to 150K per year.

I would suggest that you not try to “game” the process. In your post, you indicated that 30K would work for you. I would tell him that you are looking for 30K with the oppotunity to advance from there in both resposibility and compensation. It is fine to ask what the next steps are and what the expectations of your progress in skills would be to reach them. That shows ambition and it also puts the issue out on the table from the beginning.

You take a chance on that not working for them, but honestly, if the place is doing 2M and assistant manager means that you will be running the show on the GM’s days off etc with other areas of responsibility, 30K is appropriate to start.

In the business world you gain respect by being a straight shooter and delivering on what you commit to. Tell it straight, do a good job, be honest about concerns and desires. Start that appoach with the interview.

I say absolutely go for $30,000. At $2 million a year the store is pretty high volume. If you are going to be working an average of 55 hours a week 30K should be the absolute minimum. You are 27 years old. Not a young adult/ college aged worker anymore. I’m in a similar situation, turning 26 at the end of the month. As you start to approach 30 you really got to start thinking about not just your future, but your future families future as well. It is time to start thinking about your financial future.