atf surprise inspection

I got inspected the other day by the atf for my beer and wine license. I passed of course, but couldn’t help to think somebody tried to get me in trouble. The agent claimed their office does 1200 a year, but I don’t know. Anybody else ever get surprised by the atf? They wanted to see all kinds of

Never had it happen in 25+ years, never heard of it happening either.

nope, what could they even inspect?

dunno if it was the atf… but we did have an inspection from the beer and wine people…

they come in and want to see all your licenses. your bills… want to make sure your not buying stuff from the grocery store…

Beer and wine sounds like a good ol boy thing anyways…

I cant go buy a case of beer at the store thats sold way cheaper then what I get it for?


at is exactly what they did to me. They looked in the store room to see if the cases had the tax stamp.

Was this more than just your State Liquor Commission doing their normal drive by? We get looked over at least twice a year, but it’s the State guy, haven’t heard of anyone around here anyway getting a visit from the Feds. I’m sure it’s like most things, if you’re working above the board there shouldn’t be a concern.