What do u think about putting a stop to accepting credit
And install an ATM machine that u own. ?
Cash only pizzeria.

I think it is a bad idea.

You can offer an ATM for an alternative, but it is 2010 and people love their credit and debit cards. It is about convenience and swiping their card for the amout they are spending and walking out the door appeals to our customers. Believe me I wish it was 1990 again and this was an all cash business, but times have changed and people spend more money when they use their cards. It is hard to change your thought process on this if you are an old school guy from way back, but people use their cards and they are here to stay.

good luck on your decsion.


Check with your insurance company. I looked into owning an ATM but the insurance would have more than eaten any profit/savings. If my memory is correct, just to break even on the insurance I would need to get 35 transactions a day through the ATM.

Give me credit slips any day over cash.
A robber comes in and he can have all the slips he wants, and a little cash.
Even with the fees I prefer EFTPOS transactions


I can not recall if I have ever used an ATM that is not at my bank (usually get cash back at grocery store) but the charges are too high for me…So if I had no cash, I would probably not make a purchase at your location…

The robber comes in every month and steals nearly $2000 from me in the name of cc processing fees. Call it what you want but it is nothing but robbery as far as I am concerned. Visa/matercard can keep coming out with rewards, cash back, corporate cards or what ever other scam they dream up and who gets to pay for it? We do. We can’t decide not to accept cash back cards that end up costing us 1% more. What are we going to do if visa comes out with a 5% back card and they charge us an additional 5%? How about a 10% back card? At least the robber with the gun is up front about his intention. I have had over 60 robberys in 20+ years (in store and drivers) and the total amount taken would be less than 2 months of cc processing “fees”.

Back to the original posters question, as much as I hate credit card fees until someone comes up with a better system, they are a necessary evil. I don’t know the pin number for my credit cards to get money out at an atm. I would also balk at paying the high fees associated with out of network atm’s. I also don’t carry cash very often. Thus, I as well as a good percentage of your potential customers would not be able to patronize your establishment if you chose to go all “cash”.

2000 a month in fees? What is your CC volume monthly?

50-60k. Nearly all keyed in over the phone for deliveries.