Atosa & Migali Refrigeration

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Not sure if I am right here but I believe Atossa and Migali might be Chinese brands. Has anyone purchased anyone of these brands or know more about them? If so have they lasted long, any issues.

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Wouldn’t but another migali. We have 2 of them and they both leak water like crazy. We have a true at our other locations and haven’t had an issue (knock on wood) yet

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I bought 2 avantco fridges recently. Never again. They gave me a brand new one after the first one failed less then a year. The replacement is giving me problems now. The repair guy said there are problems with avantco , & migAli.

He did say that true & continental are good units.

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I’ve had two of them and they suck. As mentioned above, they leak like crazy on the right side inside the cabinet. I have one that I purchased 6 months ago that barely keeps temp when my store is 85 degrees. I’ll likely replace it before the summer is past.

Thanks for the responses. I have always purchased True but they have gotten pricier. I found a used Traulson, anyone own a Traulson? Good or Bad?

We have a True double door freezer that we have had for 19 years. One compressor replaced quite some time ago under warranty. We also have a True 93" make line that has given us no problems.

Anyone have experience with turbo air? They are made in the USA and all the new units come with a automated condenser cleaning brush.

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We have a small salad prep table from turbo air with the self cleaner. No issues (yet) we’ve had it for about 3 years now. No leaks, no temp problems. It definitely keeps the condenser clean

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