Attempted Burglary

Well there has been a string of burglaries at area restaurants this past week. Cops came buy and said be careful, don’t leave money etc. I said I dare them to try and break in here…we have video survelliance indoor and outdoor plus 24 hour monitoring.

Well he did and we got him on video. Ran off like a scaredeeeeeeee cat when the sirens blarred. Video is great but had a hood and hoodie on so not sure if they will catch em. But clearly if you knew the person you would recognize him so we shall see.

Sure does pay to have a brother who owns an alarm company :lol: :lol:


I agree…cameras are the greatest. My one store was robbed about three years ago and we caught him on video. I took a JPEG of his picture and then blew it up and put the picture in the window of our pizzeria with the heading…Who Know’s This Crackhead?

A few days later he turned himself in since so many others knew who he was.

Pays to be an ex cop.


One night 10 years ago we were broken into. They got about $280. (Till less the coins). It was probably an employee.

Have not had or heard of other restaurant break ins around here.

Sure helps to live in a nice place.