Attending Pizza Expo?

Never been but wanna go this year. Where does everyone stay typically and how much does it cost to attend?

There are hotels listed on the Pizza Expo site that give a decent rate for attendees. I have stayed at the Mardi Gras a couple of times and found it to be ok with no added “Resort Fees” and it is a 5 minute walk from the convention center. Last year I stayed at the Monte Carlo and was less than impressed with the transportation to the convention center. This year I will be staying at the Westgate which is adjacent to the convention center.
You may be able to get a vendor to give you passes to the expo otherwise all the information is here:

Watch Think Tank for details on a Think Tank Reunion after the Beer & Bull on Tuesday.

When bundling a hotel and airfare, it seems to me less this year than in years past. Stayed at the Westgate in the past. It’s a good hotel. Convenient since it’s attached to the convention center. There is a plenty to learn at the convention. Never a disappointment.

I am going this year to support our pizza making friend Norma as she competes in the traditional contest. It will be my first time and I look forward to meeting Tom Lehman and thanking him for all his help as well as all the cyberspace people that I have gotten to know. Walter

I’m going to try to make it this year, I’ve got some friends out there, and the timing looks to be perfect since we are taking our “Spring Meltdown break” after March 5th this year.
(Spring melt, snowmobiling ends, ice-fishing comes to a screeching halt, the loggers cannot get into the woods, weight limits placed on the roads, no reason to stick around here)

Hopefully we will run into each other there. I will be wearing my white on white uniform and black hat. Walter

Sorry guys After many years of exhibiting at Pizza Expo I just cannot do it any more
Although at 86 years I am fortunate to have no medical problems except I have arthritis in my knees that makes it very difficult to stand much less walk.

My best wishes to all that attend. and Hi to all my old buddies like Daddio. and the Dough Doctor.

George Mills

@George Mills you will be missed. I always enjoyed chatting with you.

I’ll be there. I had reservations to stay at the Golden Nugget on Fremont Street but I got an offer for free rooms at New York New York so I guess I’ll stay on the strip. We will attend the PMQ get together on Tuesday after Bull and Beer and will try to get a few drinks after if anyone is up for it.

I’ll be there also…got comped at The Paris so that’s where I will be although I will miss Caesars as I usually stay there and it is my favorite

My husband and I are attending (2nd time) and competing! (first time)

Staying at the flamingo (free rooms etc - we like Vegas :p)

Literally counting the days and starting to think about what I want to sit in on… woohoo!

For everyone attending Pizza Expo remember to RSVP for the Think Tank Reunion

I’ll be there, Joe. It’ll by my 5th (?) expo. It is without a doubt worth the expense.

I always stay on the strip. Monte Carlo has rooms for about $80 right now…it’s a nice hotel with a great location. I haven’t even booked my room yet…Vegas is so under occupancy right now, especially during the week, so I feel like I’ll be able to find a great deal last minute. Same with flights.

How is everyone getting free rooms comped?!?

We always sign up for the hotels “rewards cards” and get constant emails and ocassionally get stuff in the mail. We could pretty much stay for “free” any week of the year and we don’t gamble lots.

From an email we got a while back…

"Up to three free nights and
up to $750 in Casino Play

You’ll get
$375in March and
$375in April
to use on your favorite slots or table games.

Use the codes below to redeem.

You may also contact your personal Casino Marketing Executive or call 1-800-498-9514 to make your reservation."

but like I said - you need to be one of their “members”