i see some of you attend wondering if purchasing large pots and pans is a good idea?im told you are better off with seasoned pots and pans (sheet pans, screens ect.).and maybe work tables.any advise would be helpful. thanks

Back in the day we used to go to auctions for fun.,they are quite fun.

I suggest you just start going to a few. You can sign up for a mailing list of auctions in your area. You can get a ton of deals…and just as easily over pay when getting caught up in the moment.

We have bought everything from salt and pepper shakers to a conveyer oven. I would kinda stay clear of “electrical stuff” at least to you see what is out there.

We have been to auctions where really no one showed and bought stuff soooooooo cheap it was sad, knowing these poor folks needed the money and here we are walking away with a conveyer for 300 bucks.

Gosh, I’m gonna have to start keeping my eyes open…sounds like some fun.


I went to an auction last week. It was lots of fun ( I cant pass up a great deal even if I dont need it ). You can get somethings for pennies on the dollar. I picked up a rotisserie chicken machine and a food warmer. It was a huge grocery store that went out of business. The deli and bakery had tons of great equipment. They sold the entire pharmacy section all the shelving ,counter ,ect for get this $25.00. What a steal if you need it. Many of the guys there were full time pros buying and selling stuff. But they only buy when its ridiculously cheap. Anyway I highly recommend going.

Ditto, I’ve found some great buys at auctions. The key is to be informed before you go to the auction. 1) Know what they are going to be selling, look at the auction list, and check it out BEFORE the auction starts so you have an idea of the condition. Also, know the real value of what you are bidding on. Case in point, a friend of mine recently went to an auction where they had a BRAND NEW Thunderbird, 80-quart mixer. There was little interest in it due to the fact that it wasn’t a Hobart. My friend bought it for $2,000.00 What a fantastic deal! She knew what she was looking at, the others didn’t. I’ve also seen the other extreme, where the bidding went higher than the item was worth. A smart bidder knows when to drop out.
And yes, auctions are fun. One other thing, we are beginning to see some auctions around here (Purple Wave Auctions) where the buyer pays the commission on the purchased price. What this means is that you will be charged an additional 105 or more in adition to your bid price for the iten when you pay for it. At other auctions the commission comes out of the proceeds of the auction, so what you bid an item for is what you pay for it. Make sure you understand the rules before youbegin bidding as it may affect the amount you want to bid.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Tom, This is true . We paid 10% commission on the price.