auto fry ventless friars

Hi guys:

Any one using auto fry vent less friars? Experience?

George Mills

I use one for wings. It is great. Employees stay safe from grease until it is time to filter at the end of the night. No need for a hood. If we get large orders we do have to bake the wings first and then fry them to finish.
I have used mine for almost two years and I have had an element go bad. I bought it used (2002 model) so that is pretty good IMO.

Hey George, We use and abuse 2 Perfect Fry fryers and a Broaster ventless fryer. I could not get my landlord to let me put in traditional fryers, so I started out with one Perfect Fry and just kept adding them. They are much more expensive to buy, but I fry all the standard appetizers and wings and I have had great luck! One of the best investments I made. The Perfect Fry fryers are around 8 years old, the Broaster around 2 years old.