auto fry

I need a ventless hoodless fryer any sugestions on a brand or manufacture. Does anyone use an auto fry?


I have one for wings. It has been working great for a year now. I bought it used. It was 5 years old.

Super bowl Sunday we did 200lbs. of wings in three hours and it would not reheat the oil fast enough so we made the wings hot in our deck oven and then fried them crispy.

They do make a double fryer if you think you need to fry a lot at a time.

Their are a lot of autofry fryers on ebay pretty much all the time so you can get a great deal on a used one. If you don’t think it’s right for you then at least you can put it back on ebay.

The one drawback to their single fryer is that you can only put in one kind of food at a time.

One benefit is that you don’t need to get near the hot oil till the end of the day when you clean it.

It is very expensive to put in a hood and everything else the city and health department usually add on to such a venture. For this reason, I think the ventless hood systems make sense to determine if there is demand for whatever product you have in mind. But if you do develop any kind of volume they are very impractical for reasons already stated. If you have the room, buying two or three used ones may may sense as they will still be cheaper than putting in a complete hood system and all.

I say “and all” because many cities take any sign of improvement as a chance to tack on more upgrades to your establishment.

the auto fry makes great wings. however, they are not designed for fresh product. in three years i have been through every major part on the machine and am on my 7th keypad. at 340 bucks a clip for a keypad it is quite discouraging sometimes. i like the auto fry mostly, but if i had the space and the cash, i would go traditional in a heartbeat.

I picked up a greaseless fryer, I love it it works great, & best thing “NO GREASE”