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Howdy all! I’ts been a while since I’ve posted, but I thought I would see if anyone could help:
We’ve had Progressive for a few years, and as long as we kept drivers over 25yrs old, the premium wasn’t too bad. Had a hard time keeping good adult drivers, so we lowered the bar for age, and we have a couple 19 year olds driving . MAN the premium went up! Both kids are top shelf employees, so we thought we would do some insurance shopping. Any refferals? We’re in Oregon.

Tom R

Good luck. I have had the same issue. The upcharge for 22, 23, 24 years is not nearly as bad though. I don’t even look at 18-19 year olds. Hiring a 23, 24 year old only bumps the policy by a hundred or two for the year.

I’m through Hilb Rogal Hobbs Insurance Services of California. They always have a full page ad in the pizza magazines. It costs you $100 to join NAPO (if you aren’t already a member), and they take your general liability and non owned auto insurance together. They don’t have an upcharge based off of age. As long as the driver doesn’t have more than 2 minor moving violations or 1 accident, and is over 18 years old, they will cover him. It doesn’t cover physical damage to his vehicle, only the liability.

I was paying around $2200 for general liability, and this took me to $4800 and includes the non owned auto. I am not as busy with delivery as some others. I run 2 drivers per shift, 6 drivers on staff, about 120 drives per week.

When I contacted HRH they wouldn’t write a policy for me cause I do more than 50% of my sales in delivery. I went with Concklin Insurance out of Illinois. Contact Mike O Donell at 630-268-1600. Cost will be based on delivery sales.

I had the same experience with NAPO, does not work for Delcos. I also used to be with Conklin. They were a good outfit, but dropped the coverage about 5-6 years ago for indi shops and only wrote Dominos. I guess they are back in the biz now. We went with having company cars which changes the insurance picture somewhat. The insurance is the same price believe it or not, but now I can hire people that don’t have cars and I never have a driver call in saying they can not work because their car is on the fritz. Since I don’t pay mileage on my own cars I come out a little ahead money wise too.

Interesting, Steve, that we have the same idea. Makes me feel better as I respect the work you did for me. You ain’t no dummy.

Thanks guys for the info. I’ll give Conklin a call. We’ve used company owned cars delivery cars from the start, it always seemed to be the way to go…


Am I crazy or is this VERY illegal to discrimnate on age??? I know insurance is cheaper but…

If you want a way around the “discrimination” just set a requirement that all driver canidates must have a minimum of seven years driving experience.

very slick…good job Paul!

now I feel like an idiot!

It’s only illegal to discriminate somebody older than 40. There no law about discriminating for somebody being too young.

If this were true then the insurance companies would be crooks. :twisted: