Autographed pizza plates!

We had a first tonight. Two very kind guys came in for dinner . . . . from 90+ minutes away. They were in town delivering something and just happened by. They said our pizza may be the best they’ve ever had and asked for an autographed pizza plate . . then they both wanted one.

It’s a 1st for us . … whole staff signed, put date and shop name on it. Cool feeling, even if night ends up slow. Makes me wish we had some printed aluminum plates with our logo on them!!

That is a great story Nick, congrats!

It’s the reversal of when someone famous comes in and you get their autograph on a plate and put it on the a wall with a photo of them next to it. Only trouble, no-one famous comes in our store :cry:

Hey Nick. Does that mean those guys thought you were famous ???

Great feeling none the less


Congrats Nick! Always a great day when a customer appreciates your hard work!

So, how do we go about getting one for ourselves?

Nick do you sell them in your “Gift Shop”?…

Just curious, how much of an open bar tab were they given anyway? :slight_smile: