Automated Fryers

We are currently using a Perfect Fry but have out grown it. Is anyone using an AutoFry 40E? Or just the AutoFry brand in general? Any issues?

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I used the model 40 for several years. If you fry fresh chicken wings (un-breaded), they stick to the basket. They will not fall out of the basket. We had some problems with other foods sticking to the baskets too. Nothing helped. I sold the fryer and put a hood system and real fryer in.

The above is the best.

Thanks, we don’t fry fresh wings, currently we use an iqf precooked. We’re you battering your own items? Or using frozen stuff for provolone sticks etc

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Try the Broaster VF3 self contained fryer. They have a higher capacity than the Perfect Fry. We have been using them for a long time without problem.