Automation - univex sprizza

With no end it sight to the labor shortage issues. Has anyone used the univex sprizza 40 before? It is supposed to mimic the hand toss pizzas with extreme consistency and speed. Any feedback on this item or another similar piece of equipment would be helpful.

I went with the Cuppone

Be advised that it takes a while to get

Thanks for sharing sir. How dependable has that equipment been for you? Does it still leave enough air in the dough to achieve the hand toss crust?

I have been testing it in my garage for months now and the results have been very good so I cant wait to roll it out. I have 2 friends that have already been using it one of which has had it for years so I am hoping this will solve things for me. PM me and I can get you in touch with someone to test

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Iā€™m a little wary of the heated plate changing the dough bake. Any issues with that?