Avantec Ovens- Does that single oven have two belts?

I have been asked many questions about Avantec Ovens, and I thought I would take the time to clarify one of the most asked questions: Is that one oven with two belts or two ovens???

Avantec Ovens offers a unique oven platform unlike any other in the marketplace today. Avantec offers conveyor ovens with one belt (the 3242-1) or with two belts (the 2030-2, 3242-2 or 3260-2), so that when purchasing just two ovens, a customer can have 2, 3 or 4 belts ( with split belts on each level, you could have up to 8 individually timed belts).

Many Avantec customers, because of the value offered with 2 belts in 1 oven (it is a lot cheaper to buy one oven with 2 belts instead of two ovens with 2 belts), prefer to buy a combination of the two ovens. With the two-belted oven, a customer can use just one oven for slower times and still have two belts. They then can use both of the ovens to have a total of either 3 belts (with the 3242-2 and the 3242-1) or 4 belts ( two 3242-2s) so that they have quicker delivery times during their busiest nights. Anyone else out there sick of 1 hour or more waits on Fridays??

To learn more, the website is a good resource - www.avantecovens.com

If there are any other general questions that I could try to answer, please reply and I’ll do my best!

And don’t forget that with a split conveyor you can have just about (within reason) any split you want or need for your specific product mix. You’re not relegated to just a 50/50 split.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

That’s a really great point Tom. Avantec offers 3 sizes of split belts for the 32" conveyor ovens: 24"/8", 20"/12" and 16"/16".