avatar size for think tank

I think the avatar size on this think tank needs to be bumped up. As business owners we are proud of our logos and for the max limit to be 6kb is sad! I tried to get mine that small but it looked horrible!

Try it in black and white?

See if your software will allow you to set the pixels to 80 x 80.

Mine set to 80 wide…and now I realize that I probably didn’t have to change the pic to thumbnail first…so I’m going to make it a little bit larger soon and see what that does.

But, yes, I agree…seems awfully small.

as far as black and white…don’t want to change logo

and papa, I set it to 80X80 and it is still 15KB

:? Word :?

Found this download to shrink the size of your logo…
http://www.softpedia.com/progDownload/A … 23379.html

15 Street will this work for you?..If so, right click to save it and upload it to your profile…Make sure it is saved as a gif…They are smaller files than jpg…

My logo looks horrible that small as well. Maybe we should just put them up for all to see, and then maybe they would see first hand the reason for a change?

royster…thanks for that!! the background is suppose to be white. what program did you use? I used irfanview and set the size to 80x80 and it was 15kb…

sounds good to me