Average Kitchen manager salary

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Can anyone tell me what the average head cook/kitchen manager salary is? Or what you pay yours. I understand it will vary between states but I’m trying to get an idea if I’m overpaying or underpaying mine. My guy works an average of 70-76 hours a week (mainly by his own choice) and I am a 70 seater restaurant that primarily sells pizza, wings & pasta.

I would appreciate any feedback!

I pay my managers $17 per hour. Minium wage is $11 per hour.
I used to pay a salary. The biggest issue I had was when managers scheduled themselves 50 hours and only work 35 hours.
Now I pay them hourly. The more they work the more they make.They average about $50,000 per year with overtime.

The going rate for line cooks in my area is around $18 starting now which is crazy but that’s what I compete with.

I’m paying my kitchen manager around 100k a year salary and he is asking me for a raise. I feel he is already very well paid but he does work a ton of hours and handles so much that I feel I would probably need 2 guys to replace him. It’s so hard to get reliable strong cooks so I feel pressure to give him more but I don’t want to over do it.

We sit in the $20.00 - $25.00 range. Managers work 45-50 hrs per week paid hourly. Where is everyone located? PA here

I’m located in Tennessee. Averaging out my guys weekly salary with his hours he is being paid between $24-28 an hour depending on what hours he ended up with. What seems like a reasonable raise for salary managers?

Missouri, we pay our GM 25.00 per hour and Kitchen Manager $22.00,
We try to keep them below 45 hours so they have a life.

Our staff is mostly 15-18 year old and we pay $12.00 plus everyone is in tip share. (Most kids total pay average $16-$18) - this includes kitchen and front of house.

We seat 60 ish and have a staff of around 25 including 4-5 full timers.

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Does the GM get a bonus?

We do year end bonus for all Managers based on sales, etc.

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