average sales question?

I have been here for a year or so and read about weekly sales and i just cant seem to understand. and the last post (two active owners) i see sales 10k-15k A week. show me how you can generate and maybe you meant a month 15k a week and need your wife to work also. Or 15k a week and get an okay salary that is 60k a month ! I would like to have someone explain how you can not take a very good salary and then some . im currently in a business and my sales are 5k week and seasonal and i make a pretty good living. i also remember a story of a pro football player a few years back and his salary was only 500k a year and then got a contract for 5 million and said now i can buy a house and send my kids to college. cant do that at 500k. people do it with 80k.i understand that in the reaserch in opening a pizzeria that expenses are high and realize that 3k a week would be hard to make it in most situations but 10k-15k i worked out the numbers and figure i will be well off at 10k a week. so if anyone would be able to tell me what im missing it would be a great help.One last thing pizza you get paid everytime you sell a pizza my business you get paid monthly so our cash flow is pretty bad.we work for 4 weeks then bill get paid 2 weeks later.

Define “pretty good living”. I think that’s all what it comes down to. If you’re doing 5k a week, that’s 20k a month. If you can get 20% profit margin, that’s “only” 4k a month, or 48k a year. Since you have to pay employer and employee side of FICA as well as have no benefits, you’re really not getting rich by any means. Sure, you can “get by”, but are you saving anything for retirement, kid’s education, etc? What happens if you get sick and can’t run the place? When you’re young and healthy, these things aren’t as big of issues as when you’re older and have kids.

I have been here for a year or so and read about weekly sales and i just cant seem to understand. and the last post (two active owners) i see sales 10k-15k A week.

Getting to the 15k/week is the tough part…that will take years of hard work in most cases to attain. Yes, as an owner operator you can pay yourself top dollar and $100K profit, but in most cases you have to shell out start-up costs or pay for somebody else’s goodwill so not much is left in your pocket until a few years pass…either way you are buying yourself a full-time job. Now start hitting $20K-$30K a week and you can retire early :smiley:

I am at 11k a week right now in the summer. durring fall, winter, spring I am between 15k and 20k, I do not use advo, i do not mail, I am not on a busy street, and the only advertising that is done is by myself or my partner. we use menus and flyers as well as shaking hands and kissing babys… thats a joke. I would guesse that our advertising expense is quite low as compared to other peoples.
We took this store from 5k a week to 15 - 20k a week over last summer. if you are making money at 5k a week I tip my hat to you. for I am having trouble making much more than 4k a month proffit with 24k a month in sales. taxes, delivery charges, city taxes, lease, gateway fees, telephone bills, repair costs, liscence costs ( I know spelled wronge) all run about 10k a month, then food costs are up to 32% … high I know but that will be fixed soon, all hail the scale:) thats 13k a month, labor cost of 25% is 12k a month, taxes are 2k a month, thats 37k doesnt leave alot left, and let me tell you 4k a month left or 6k is not much when your food and labor cost is 6k a week.

thanks for the info all that replied. maybe im reading it wrong tommy you have about 20k week in sales thats 80k month, 20% 16k profit . is that gross profit ? does this include what your paying yourself?at 16k thats 192K profit. i dont know what kind of lifestyle you guys live but man 192k profit is alot of money.how big is your store to do that amount of sales? My store is going to be 2000 sq ft. plus a 2000sq ft bar . if everything goes well what kind of sales do you guys think might be reached. it is in a very good location on a main road and lots of homes,schools businesses.

thanks again hope to hearfrom you guys again.

My business does a good bit better then 10K a week but varies from 4K to 40K depending on the season. If I run it well without a manager I would make about 120K. I prefer to have a manager so I make less.

In round numbers:
Rent 10%
Food 30%
labor 30%
Advertising 5%
Bunch of other stuff 15%

Net: around 10% of sales. I could double that if I fired the manager and worked there.