Average ticket

Hello all, long time pizzamaking.com forum member trying out pmq after several members recommended it.

My dream is to open a Neapolitan place here in Iowa and I am putting together a business plan for investors in February. Things are going well but I am stuck on pricing. Most chain neo places are doing pies at 7-9 dollars for a 10 inch while the more traditional places are charging 11-15 for the 11/12 inch size. my business model is built around a 25-32 average ticket for two. I’m afraid if I charge 9-11 for pies people will split them and I’ll end up with a much lower average ticket. For the record I prefer the bigger size pies…

Any suggestions?

Maybe other appetizers, drinks (beer, soda, wine) Or look at larger sizes.

I’ll definitely have a few appetizers, beer and wine, salad and a couple desserts. Where I’m unsure is whether to charge 7-9 for the 10 inch size or to charge 11-14 for the 12 inch size. If I knew the majority of folks would each get their own pizza I would charge 9 to 11 for my preferred larger size.

What about offering an 8" personal and a 12 in shareable/personal?

Good suggestion I’ll keep that one in mind :slight_smile: