averaging close to 120,000 per month

I wrote a few months back about being on pace to hit 100,000 a month, well for the last two months we have grossed almost 120,000 a month. I never imagined my business would do so much but also didn’t realize how much work it would be. I really want to open another store bigger and better but not sure I want to deal with all the headaches. My brother manages the store and I usually end up working most weekends. I am also a full time firefighter and have a home inspection business that keeps me very busy so I don’t have the time to run it and my brother is busy running this one. Not sure how you guys that have more than one store run them, I am very picky and kind of a perfectionist so can’t see me letting someone run the store that wasn’t a part owner. Have owned a few businesses I know if you are owner you work harder and take pride in your business. I guess time will tell what will happen.

Just curious, what do you sell at your store that you can gross that much?

I go through 1,700+ lbs of dough a week and I can only gross $16,000.00 per week.

Congratulations! What is the name of your place and where are you located? What is your market like?

Thats crazy… We do about 10000 on a good week and my life is full of headaches…way to go keep it up!..

most of our sales are pizza, I serve pizza, wings, have alcohol and some appetizers. I have 10,000 dollars worth or pasta equiptment in my garage, got so busy we didn’t have the room for pasta or the need. You can go online and see our web site, it is firehousepizza911.com

$1.5+ million annual sales is astonishing, and wayyyy beyond my vision for my place right now.

Surviving in that sort of sales volume and sustaining it will DEMAND effective delegation and staff development. Locate, train and trust competent people to operate the business, or you will risk implosion. A place like mine can survive a while with everything centered around me . . . you cannot. Owners need to be able to manage and delegate to other managers in order to keep the machine running. Your most valuable asset is developing the vision, plans and marketing the business. That means you need effective managers running the shifts and the food handling and the money.

Yeah, it’s scary giving someone else the keys to the safe. Your time is spent being seen and felt by the mangers, and verifying they are doing their job correctly. Put systems in place to track money and food efficiencies, and track those regularly. All that done, and working like a well-oiled machine, you could consider risking a second location using the same systems and concepts.

Perhaps that is your solution… find a manager that will put up some money and own a portion of the store. There are several multi-unit businesses around here that have that same model.

I completely agree that having a part owner run the store is the best model for a multi-unit operation; probably even for a single-unit shop.

Wow, amazing sales. Congratulations. Seems like something is missing in the picture, however. $1.5 mil in annual sales and its a part-time gig for you? You own 100% of it? Who handles the marketing? What do you contribute to the store?

I don’t understand your post. Is it to toot your own horn? If you are really doing those numbers and doing it “part time”, it seems you would have
everything figured out by now. No need for a post. Unless you just need an ego massage. Pardon me if I’m completely wrong. Are you in a college town?

I do the same kind of numbers you are talking about. I get offers all the time for someone to open another place for me or use my name. i have found it was easier for my to develope
a catering crew that does 2 to 4 bbq’s or weddings a weekend.It keeps my overhead low because we work out of one location. Most prep work is done in morning or at night for catering & bbq’s are cooked on site. It added another $100,000-$150,000 of high profit sales to my location and growing every year. The catering may work out for you because of your other jobs.just my 2 cents --I would rather have one store doing 1.5-2 mil then 3 doing 600,000. What

Hey, What,

I didn’t even think of the economy of scale you’re talking about. Heck yeah! Build more sales into the same occupancy cost center . . . and find new revenue streams for the same set of facilities and location. I love that idea . . . and is the world I am focused on myself right now. One rent - two restaurants.

I am not 100% owner, I made my brother 50% owner, I fronted the money and he manages it, but I usually get stuck working weekends because they are so busy and he seldom gets a day off. I will admit it is the best part time job I have ever had, it actually pays me more than my other two jobs combined. I am not saying this to toot my horn. I have been on this site for 5 years and have leared a lot. I just want people to know that your dream can become a reality. I remember reading people grossing 60 to 80 thousand a month and I was like, wow, I could never imagine that, but I had a dream and an idea that I was willing to take my life saving and put it into this business to grow it. I went from 1200 sf and grossing 27,000 a month to 3700 sf and grossing around 120,000 a month in one year, wish I would have went bigger, just had to rent another 800 sf about 100 years away to use as a prep kitchen, you should see our walk in cooler on a friday, you can’t get in it, so now I have a bigger area with another walk in cooler to help store dough, actually just signed the lease so haven’t used it yet. We make around 1700lbs of dough for our thin crust a week and probably around the same amount in New style hand tossed dough.

Hi trainer4you2,
First off I want to congratulate you on your success, I am sure it has taken lots and lots of very hard work on your part to get where you are. I am opening a 12,000 sf pizzeria/family entertainment center in the next three months, and if you are will I could sure use some help from you. I am anticipating being extremely busy from Friday around 5 pm all the way through Saturday night, and having never done pizza before I am trying to figure out how much dough I need to prep in order to meet my sales in this period. If you are willing to share…on average how many pizzas, and what sizes are they, do you wind up making on your two busiest days of the week. I really appreciate your help because I really just have no idea how many pies can fly off the shelves and I want to make sure that I am ready for it. I would hate to guess 300-400 and be short and turn business away, and I would also hate to have to throw dough away. I know each place varies greatly, but I think your numbers could really help me at least see the ballpark I am in. Thank you, and congrats! Keep up the good work!

Take care,

I just HAVE TO ASK, what the heck is a Peppadew?

they are a slightly hot but sweet pepper from south africa, people love them once they try them, google them

In my neck of the world, there is a chain (not related to pizza) that does incredible numbers despite any economy. It’s the Nines, Ninety-Nine, 99. I recently reviewed numbers for the one that operates in my town and they do 120K a week (lame at best for a steak house, pub, meeting place, etc.)( What is your secret? )


wow nice

you must be crazy busy… how is your lunch with that all you can eat special? and when you say “drink included”, is that beer or pop or just pop?

i’m about 2 hours away from you in Joliet, and can only hit about $8k a week with 2500 sq. ft. hmmmm.