Aversion to Online Ordering?

Hi all,

Hope everyone is well. I am just curious to hear owner’s opinions about online ordering. If you use a service, are you generally happy with it? What level of support do you receive from the development company?

The reason I ask is because I work for a software firm that’s created what I see as a really efficient and intuitive system with hyper-focus on brand integration, but so far I haven’t received too many responses to my introductory calls/messages. Those who have seen it fall in love with it, but getting owner’s to take a look is where I’m struggling now.

Do you think this is just a symptom of being newer to the industry, or are some franchisers out there experiencing a sense of aversion to adopting online ordering? If so, what do you think some of the reasons are that some people aren’t ready to add the service?



There are so many online ordering companies out there and so many that came and left already, it’s hard to imagine anyone being excited about a new one. The only online ordering I looked at was the one offered by my POS company because as far as I know it is the only one that integrates with my POS. Unless you can offer full integration, I have no use to look at the new product. In today’s day and age, thats where you’ll start finding market share. Why would I want to receive faxed orders when there’s a better alternative available.

Thanks, Paul. That helps shed some light on things from an owner’s perspective. I appreciate it. I think you are absolutely right that online ordering need to be fully integrated with POS systems, even better if the system can be fully standardized across the franchise. Ours does have POS integration and multiple other forms of delivery, so hopefully that will help us create a competitive advantage. Thanks again for your reply and your time.


What POS systems does it integrate with? I would be open to looking at something that integrates with my Prism system.

I use Point Of Success as my POS & it integrates with BigHoller.com…I wouldn’t now even consider any system unless it was at least better than the one I’m using…fax ordering is dead…with my system I can’t really tell if it was taken over the internet or from a call-in…(well yes I can, but…)

It also must be able to be managed by the end user w/o out having to call any tech support…

I prefer to have tech support manage my POS and online ordering and am more than happy not knowing how to do much on the system. I have enough on my plate and can get changes made with an email or a phone call. But thats why Point of Success was not a legitimate option for me.

Different strokes, huh? That makes sense, though. Some people seem to be more interested in making sure they know the system and it’s easy to use; others would prefer to let the developer take care of it - since you are paying them after all. I can see both perspectives.

Anyway, Paul… if you want more information, you can feel free to email me at jeff@compelinteraction.com. I’d like to refrain from getting into the system’s specifics on the forum to respect the rule of no blatant advertising. Thanks for all your comments so far. Keep 'em coming! :slight_smile:

Which POS system does your product integrate with? Is it a seamless integration?

We integrate seamlessly with most POS systems, but sometimes if the POS system has an in-house online ordering service, they force you to use that system if you want to do online ordering through your POS machine.

If you have a specific one in mind, I’d be happy to check into for you. There are so many systems out there that we check on each one individually.

Nice dodge! I want to know who you work with, not you knowing who I use (as if it is any secret to the regulars here).

I will bite you may send me some info to my email, Ron@rockstarpizza.net
I personally use rfg marketing that has a good online ordering system but VERY basic but very very affordable, but here is the rub its the pricing, where is the break even, we have some people charging a HUGE amount for set up and then another monthly fee, now how many more orders or UP SELLING will this website generate to justify the cost?

I didn’t really start this post as a sales thread, so I’d rather it not turn into one. I was just hoping to conduct a little research about who’s using online ordering, hoping to find what successes people are having, and what they feel could be improved upon.

Please direct any specific questions about our system to my email address to keep the spirit of the forum in line, as stated in the rules. I appreciate your understanding! :slight_smile:


Paul7979, We use Prism and started with the prism online ordering system about 5 months ago. Fully integrated with the system as you would expect. Pretty seemless installation and it does what I need it to do. PM me if you have other questions.

I’m using the Prism online ordering and it works well for me. After nearly a year I am doing just under 8% of my sales online. It’s a bit plain and not necessarily easy to navigate so if someone has a better system that fully integrates, I’m open to seeing it. One thing that concerns me about Prisms online ordering system is the number of phone orders I get where the customer has ordered online in the past. I would have figured once someone took the time to register and place their first online order, that’s how they would mostly order all the time. The fact that many of them go back to ordering over the phone makes me think there is something they don’t like about it.

We are at about the same % of sales. I think we are attracting some business throug our FB page and the link there to online ordering that we might otherwise not see. I also think that customers will like it when we are busy on the phones this Christmas week.

I also think that giving them a good reason to use it a couple of times will overcome any complexity in the system.

The biggest advice I would give to those of you that have online ordering available is to say so on every piece of marketing material you have: handouts, door-hangers, place-mats if you offer sit-down, wherever you market online. A facebook page is a great idea, especially if you can start with your close customers and have them share your fan page with their local friends, it can spread pretty quickly.

It might seem self-evident, but unless customers know about your online ordering, you’re essentially paying to keep it a secret. Best of luck, everyone.

Still don’t understand…It appears you design websites from your web page but there isn’t a single online ordering customer listed just nicely done websites no way to place orders. I also don’t see any customers or POS providers that have integrated with you. Even if a POS provider CAN integrate doesn’t mean they have or will. Finally Pizza is the hardest thing to do for taking orders half pizzas toppings delivery areas coupons none of which your website shows you can do. So with so many competitors you need to get some info on your website showing you can do and with whom you have? Otherwise it’s just…NEXT…

We’ve been using the Prism system for almost 8 months now. I’ve been hesitant to go live with their on-line ordering. My biggest concern is having the ability to give time quotes. Someone placing an order for pickup on a Monday might be quoted 20-25 minutes, versus almost an hour on a Friday night. What they order also plays directly into time quotes…multiple pizzas might be quoted 40-45 minutes, while a sub might be 10 minutes. It’s not a precise science and we rely heavily on our cashiers experience to try to give accurate quotes, otherwise we’ll have irrate customers. This obviously pertains to delivery as well.

Does Prism have any functionality that helps deal with this? If not, how does a store handle these situations? For the most part we find customers don’t mind long time quotes, as long as they are reasonably accurate. All about expectations and our ability to meet them.

Dave H

Dave… all I can say is that it has not been an issue. The only time it comes up is when people order deep dish and call after about 30-40 minutes asking where it is. Generally it is already on the way. But we did add a statement on the site explaining that deep dish take longer to cook and customers should expect them to take longer to get there.

This also is a great feature of my POS System with Online Ordering.

I can change the wait times in a second and the website updates it. Customer is told at checkout how long the wait time is.

I change the times on friday nights 3 or 4 times depending on how busy we are.

Works for me.